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Okay, so I finally decided to do an FAQ post. I’ve been avoiding this forever because sometimes these are really pointless, like who really cares what my favourite colour is? I’ve collected all the questions I’ve been asked more than once on Instagram or via email, as well as the ones that I think are really useful to know and…
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First, I’m going to tell you about all the things that I couldn’t do when I started The Haute Heel in 2011. I didn’t know how to resize images, for my first post, I spent two hours googling totally irrelevant things before figuring it out. I hadn’t learnt to use a DSLR, I didn’t know what aperture was and thought that…
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On My Wishlist


The key to having a long, happy blogging life is more than producing beautiful content and getting your name out there. Of course it’s important to take original photos and work with photographers but arguably, the most critical thing is to meet likeminded bloggers. Here are five reasons why: 1. Sharing contacts Not everyone will want to share the fruits…
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Revealed: London Fashion Week

What London Fashion Week is really like for a London fashion blogger Call me cynical but when some people get as excited about Fashion Week as I do about a new season of Game Of Thrones, I question how much free food and drink they’ve ever gotten in their lives. Probably none by the way their eyes gleam and you…
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I’ve often mentioned how I don’t really love being in front of the camera. And as obnoxious as this may sound, different stages of our lives are part of a wider journey and right now my creative growth has allowed me to take comfort behind the lens. It’s hard to call myself a photographer because I feel that I haven’t really…
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