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Hey, I’m Andrea Cheong and this is my blog, The Haute Heel.  Whether you’re new here and want to know more about me or you’ve been following for quite a while, thanks so much! This website has been going since 2011 and was founded at university, while I was studying History of Art at UCL, because I wanted to build a portfolio for a career in the fashion and journalism industry. So much has changed since then – one Time Out feature and a place as one of Evening Standard’s Top 25 Influencers story later… here we are. 

You should know, I don’t talk about ‘normal’ blogger stuff. I say the things you were thinking but never dared to speak aloud. You’ll also find the latest in-depth analysis of the burgeoning blogging industry, editorial visuals, What A Girl Eats (my food reviews) and the latest treatments in aesthetics and luxury skincare. It’s quite a lot but I love to chat. Can’t wait to have you join my discussion!

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