I don’t have enough fingers on both hands to count the number of baby announcements this year, let alone the number of animal additions. And so it’s no surprise that the demand for pet-friendly hospitality in the UK is high, consistently hitting high Google search rates across 2020. Kimpton Fitzroy is a luxury pet-friendly hotel in London and resides in an impressive, terracotta Victorian building. Aside from the usual expectations of  five star, including beautiful balconies overlooking Russell Square and a thoroughly spectacular bar and restaurant, the establishment has opened its doors and hearts to something else: our beloved fur-babies.

    So on a Tuesday afternoon, I packed up Sunday my mini lop rabbit’s “things” and spent an hour trying to lure her into her new carrier. She hates travelling but loves the destination. I had already heard of Kimpton Fitzroy’s pet-friendly policies and earlier this year, booked to stay there with her. Since then, it has introduced the Kimpton Pet-Kation, where your fluffy – or spiky in the case of hedgehogs – would be greeted with a welcome meal and a room suited to its needs. What I liked the most is that while quite a growing number of facilities in London are catching onto the demands of us animal-loving millennials, they often restrict you based on its size and breed, dogs in particular. Not this place and at no extra charge.

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    Upon arrival, it was clear that this was not just a hotel that welcomed alternative members of the family but truly love to see them. Sunday was expectedly grumpy at first, after a short Uber ride to the hotel. But she settled into her new environment, a gorgeous sprawling suite with its own walk-in dressing room, within a few hours. Awaiting her in the bedroom, by the beautiful black lacquer and tiled fireplace, was a hamper for her to play in and her pre-order: The Super Bunny Salad. In case you’re wondering because I know you are, it consists of apple, bok choi, broccoli, bell pepper, cucumber, fennel, watercress, basil and romaine lettuce. The other option was The Hoppy Rainbow: Blueberries, chard, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, mint, thyme, carrots and sprouts. The real bonus was her favourite treat of all – a dish of mango chunks. As a bunny mum, I was impressed at the variety which made a great supplement to the Timothy hay I had brought with us.

    As for other species, Kimpton Fitzroy partnered with dog food company Marylebones to create a special and truly impressive menu, even by human standards. Expect creations such as The Bloomsbury Bark: beef, sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, kale and rosemary. Or treat your precious one to Pawesome Pooch: salmon, quinoa, broccoli, green peas, kale, fennel and mint. The package starts at £309 and must be pre-booked five-days in advance of staying. It’s also worth noting that the ap-PET-isers menu is not available as an add-on to another package or room reservation, so don’t forget to let them know that Bailey is joining you on your stay.

    As for the humans, the Palm Court was under renovation so we dined at Burr and Co., where  they hold a social hour at 6pm daily, with complimentary cocktails for guests. It’s also a brilliant spot for remote working in the day where the vibe is more of a casual eatery. As the sun sets, it transforms into a sort of chic pub with a similar gastronomical offering. The true star at the Kimpton Fitzroy however, its Fitz’s the cocktail bar.

    This season Fitz’s has introduced one for the astrology lovers – a scratch card revealing zodiac signs where when you get three or more, you win prizes ranging from drinks on the house to an overnight stay.

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    Kimpton Fitzroy hotel pet-kation

    The stay

    If you’re hoping to book and don’t have a species that ventures from their home (such as birds, hamsters, rabbits etc.) I’d suggest bringing the following with you:

    • Litter tray/ litter
    • Your animal’s usual feed to supplement the meal
    • Their cage/crate/bed if possible

    However, Sunday was quite happy sleeping in the luxurious marble bathroom, where we could make sure any accidents wouldn’t get us into any trouble!  As for the people, there aren’t many places I am happy to stay overnight, away from home. Kimpton Fitzroy is one I always look forward to. The rooms are spacious for London and having only opened in 2018, it’s still shiny and new but with a lot of the classic grandeur I love about British hotels. The staff are so welcoming and always excited to see the furries out and about. A real recommendation if you’re looking for a change of scenery in London or if you’re visiting the city and don’t want to leave poor Buster at home, staring out of the window. It’s much more pleasant for them to gaze out at a view of Bloomsbury, don’t you think?

    Book the ap-PET-isers package at Kimpton Fitzroy here




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