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    Annually, beauty brands release limited edition packaging and new launches to celebrate the start of the lunar calendar. The 2021 Chinese New Year beauty releases is all about the Year of the Ox, which symbolises hardwork, strength and confidence. Fingers crossed we’re going to see some of that fortune play out in the next 11 months. Whilst some like luxury skincare leaders like Chantecaille opted to feature this motif on its Bio-Lifting mask, others like Jo Malone opted for a minimal statement in monotone red. Check out this shoppable post for the most exciting offerings to add to cart this year.


    The OG of makeup brands, M.A.C has stood the test of time and this Chinese New Year, they’ve not disappointed. Take a look at their Pop Art interpretation of the fish motif that represents wealth and good luck. We are particularly enamoured by the gorgeous, embossed highlighter in Double Gleam. It’s a pure, champagne shimmer that flatters most skin tones. But if we’re being really practical, you can never go wrong with M.A.C lipsticks and their velvety, matte beauties are not to be missed.


    2021 natural beauty launches



    One of our favourite ‘natural’ brands, Fresh reimagines its Black Tea range in beautiful scarlet packaging, where the common ingredient throughout is Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate. To keep it brief, it’s the product of fermenting yeast and absorbs into the skin, delivering its amino acids and ingredients. Perhaps most eye catching of the Chinese New Year releases is the Kombucha Facial Treatment (£85) that comes in a frosted bottle. However, if you’re wondering what to indulge in, The Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask (£77)  is formulated for soothing and hydrating – non fragrant flower extracts, glycerin and hyaluronic acid, check. 




    Last year, Origins launched its Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Treatment Lotion (£32). It’s only fitting that an ingredient commonly found in Traditional Chinese Medicine is celebrated in 2021, as a striking red glass bottle. Serving those apothecary vibes, the formula is a little heavy on the fragrance but it is alcohol free.



    Estee Lauder

    Estee Lauder’s Chinese New Year iteration of their cult product, Advanced Night Repair makes a floral comeback this year. Originally debuted in 1982, the serum is now a fragrance-free, oil-free formula that’s branded as an anti-ageing product. It contains the much beloved hyaluronic acid, which hypothetically can hold up to 1000x its weight in water (whether or not it actually does when applied to the skin or within a certain product is variable). Fans of ‘ANR’ will also love that it contains peptides, which are chains of amino acids. The very stuff that your skin needs to build collagen, often leading in the softening of fine lines.


    Chantecaille Chinese New Year bio-lift mask


    Chantecaille’s 2021 Chinese New Year beauty release is particularly exciting. Yes, we are talking mainly about its appearance but fans of the cult Bio-Lift Mask will be thrilled about the stunning red chrome exterior. As for those of you wondering if it’s really worth the £192, its packed with 94% ‘natural’ ingredients.

    In beauty industry terms, it’s full of flower power, which also accounts for its scent. Jasmine, narcissus and mimosa waxes act as an emollient. Rosewater makes up much of the anti-inflammatory ingredients.


    2021 Chinese New Year Nars


    What’s there not to love about Nars? For The Year of the Ox, it has released the beauty product in that every girl in Asia carries in her handbag: the face powder. Whilst we may not be battling humidity and melting makeup in the northern hemisphere, the Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder (£30) is an ultra-fine powder with light reflecting properties. Think of it as something that lightly sets your concealer and maintain a dewiness, without the shine. However, our favourites have to be the stunning, creamy lipstick in Wen Wo (£22) – it’s a flattering, dusky rose shade that’s almost a nude – and the eyeshadow quad in Deep Sunrise (£41). Nars is known for their wonderfully rich pigments and this deep-toned, rose gold palette delivers.



    Jo Malone Chinese New Year 2021


    Jo Malone

    When it comes to 2021 Chinese New Year beauty releases this is not one to be missed. We repeat, not to be missed. Dare we say, English Pear and Freesia comes in its prettiest bottle yet, which retails for £52-105 and is exclusive to Harrods. It’s a sweet yet mellow scent that even those that turn their noses up at fruity notes will come to love.

    Launched in the same season is Scarlet Poppy (£86 for 50ml), part of the cologne intense family. Malone’s bottle game has really stepped up with this minimalist approach that is sexy yet androgynous.  It’s a powdery floral scent with a heavy gourmand finish, thanks notes of sweet tonka bean. As with all the Jo scents, both can be tailored to the individual through fragrance layering.



    Attention all skincare lovers, meet the product that’s halving your routine. 

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    1st February 2021
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