Founded in 1851, the New York bred apothecary brand is a firm favourite with everyone. There’s a reason they’ve become a household name and continue to stay at the top of an industry that’s increasingly saturated. Recently, they’ve taken huge strides in becoming a sustainable beauty brand. Firstly, they’ve launched recycling bins in every boutique that not only welcomes their own empties but any other brand too (just make sure you rinse the vessels of any remaining product!). Secondly, they’ve made huge efforts to jig their formulations, so that 50% – and climbing- of their ingredients will be sustainably sourced. More impressive is that last year, 30% of post-consumer recycled materials was used in 82% of their packaging. That’s why we’re thrilled they’re offering customers 25% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY. Take a look at our guide on what to buy from the Kiehl’s sale this Cyber Week.


    Shop the best picks from Kiehl’s this Black Friday, on everything except limited edition products and gift sets. Simply hover for original prices.

    Offering 25% off with code BLACKFRIDAY

    From 25th November – 1st December



    Sustainability disclaimer: We can’t just rely on brands to do well. Shopping habits are hard to change but there’s a way to take part in sales, in a mindful way. We kindly suggest you read this post before launching into any gift guide, including ours.

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    25th November 2020
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