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    Upon its launch in October 2019, U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound had completely sold out in the tens of thousands. Against the odds, the cult status serum wasn’t created by a doctor, an actress or a beauty conglomerate. It belongs to a name that any millennial fashion lover would know: Tina Craig of the long-standing blog, Bag Snob. Yet, this isn’t just another beauty product branded with the glitter of social media influence. This doesn’t just work in a visible and drastic way, it’s also incredibly innovative and works for its high price point. And yes, its vegan, clean and cruelty-free.


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    The Resurfacing Compound comes in three different sizes, ranging from £85 for a travel friendly 15ml to £215 for 50ml, which a much larger size than you’d think when just two pumps covers your face and neck. I feel every over 25 should give this a shot. Not only does it contain retinol, which is essential in our beauty regimes but a seemingly intimidating ingredient to tackle for newbies. This serum makes it approachable without the faff of worrying about percentages and what you can and can’t mix with it. That’s because the ‘resurfacing’ part of the serum, the glycolic and mandelic acids, are totally compatible.


    U Beauty Super Smart Hydrator review


    These AHA’s work to dissolve dead skin cells and unclog sebum build up, so the result is the appearance of smaller pores. And less blackheads, which is always a cause to celebrate. U Beauty’s hero product also contains a complex blend of Vitamin C (and E but frequently found together as one helps the other’s efficacy) and peptides. So here’s where I think this serum truly stands out: C and retinol in the same routine are often advised against, where the first is favoured for morning routines and the latter in the evening. The only other high performing product I’ve come across that combines the two is MZ Skin’s Hydrate & Nourish (£95), a stellar buy if you’ve got the budget.

    Craig’s wonder product also contains hyaluronic acid but after two months of using this, I would strongly suggest layering your own, as this potency of active ingredients can make your skin ‘feel’ dry. Or pair it with a lovely emollient full of glycerin, squalane and/or hyaluronic acid.


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    Onto the U Beauty Super Smart Hydrator review – this is the brand’s latest offering and it doesn’t fall short of expectation. The Super Smart Hydrator comes in 15ml (£65) and 50ml (£160), which is currently under a waitlist on Cult Beauty. While it may seem like yet another expensive offering, it’s potency is dare I say, at the same level dermatologist grade products. I get the sense that U Beauty favours innovation over fluffy marketing and I’m here for it. The brand has the patent-pending ‘HYDRA-SIREN’, which refers to capsule technology that mimic the skin’s natural properties. Its function is to neutralise free radicals and stimulate the very makeup of our skin – elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. The moisturiser in particular, uses SIREN to deliver five different types of hyaluronic acid including long-chain, which hydrates the various layers of our epidermis. It’s heavy duty stuff and I’ve dumped a lot of technical words on you. But don’t be intimidated. Just one look at founder @bagsnob’s Instagram full of giggly content, glass-like and glowing skin is convincing enough.


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    10th September 2020
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