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    The best and most practical beauty buys from Amazon UK that supports your natural beauty.



    Mother Dirt AO+ Live Probiotic Spray

    A huge fan of their body oil that protects and rebuilds the epidermal barrier, I moved onto the rest of their skincare range. I should correct myself – the brand claims to be in biotech and not beauty. The products are centred around the flora that lives on the surface of our bodies, which when disrupted can lead to conditions like dermatitis or eczema flare ups. The AO+ Mist is the ‘original’ and stands for its proprietary ingredient, Ammonia Oxidising Bacteria. As its live and therefore, most effective, keep in the fridge for better shelf life and efficiency.


    Liquid Chlorophyll

    I was recommended chlorophyll as an affordable way to get radiant skin, from the inside out. Like many orally-consumed products, this is something you’ll only realise has a huge impact once you stop. So how exactly does it get you glowing like you’ve just spend hundreds on a facial? Supporters claim that chlorophyll supports liver function, which we know helps to regulate hormones. And as we have all experienced from our teenage years, hormones produce excess oil that contribute to the worst kind of breakout. It’s also been said to reduce inflammation. For best results, use alongside resurfacing products and a consistent beauty routine.


    Dots for Spots

    There’s hungry competition out there for the acne-ridden, pustule popping, papule throbbing faces. From cute star stickers that adults seem to adore more than the teens it may have been made for, to discreet medicated stickers, there’s a lot out there. One of my favourites is Dot for Spots. It uses hydrocolloid, a clear adhesive that draws out impurities from your zits. Both satisfying and truly yuck to behold when you peel it off your face in the morning. The best part is that they’re one of the most invisible, thinnest pimple stickers out there.



    If there was one health product I could choose to have a lifetime supply of, it would be this probiotic drink. Containing live cultures, it’s a water-based and dairy free formula that is able to multiply lactase in your gut. This helps to produce the food that the good bacteria in our bodies need to thrive. A healthy digestive system is integral to our health, as 70% of our immune-tissue resides here. As for the impact on our complexions, it’s contentious concerning the strength of correlation between oral pre and probiotics and our skin. However, sluggish bowel movements can cause toxicity and inflammation in the body, which likes to manifest itself as spots (eye roll). In terms of personal experience, this drink took two weeks for me to see an effect and 12 weeks to complete. By this time, bloating had significantly reduced, to the point that people thought I’d lost weight. It even showed around my jawline and cheeks! I have a pretty bad digestive system and suffer from serious gastritis too, so I stayed on this for three months diligently. The effects lasted nearly six months before I decided to return to another course.


    Toni & Guy Deep Barrel Hair Waver

    Do you want perfect mermaid waves in under 20 minutes, yes or no?


    Avene Cicalfate Repair Cream

    This is the holy grail of beauty right here, in this (very cheap) white tube. If you’re following me on Instagram or read a few of my skincare articles, you’ll know that I swear by this stuff. I first used it when my skin was wreaking havoc. It had been exposed to humidity and 32 degrees, then dehydration on a plane, straight into -10 degree mountain air. Believe me when I say, my face was physically in pain. Cicalfate Repair Cream is a thick emollient containing mineral oil (it’s not that bad), vegetable oil, zinc oxide and glycerin. It soothes skin and defends it against TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss).  A beauty insider – not from the brand mind you – told me that plastic surgeons recommend this as skincare following minor procedures.


    DIOZO Electric Foot File

    Not the sexiest but if you’re too embarrassed to brave a public pedicure thanks to all those months in slippers and socks, then this is your best friend. The best part about this foot file (aside from the fact it works wonders) is that it’s not in the slightest bit ticklish. It also has an automatic stop mechanism if you press too hard. By softly filing away at dead, hard skin it’s much better than the old school heel slicers that resemble fruit peelers. I just shuddered. And at a seriously affordable price point, you’re going to want one of these ASAP.

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    27th August 2020
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