Our last memory of a pastel coloured wonderland is that of Autumn De Wilde’s Emma. Oh, and of course the undeniably catchy song, Watermelon Sugar. For many, the Jane Austen adaptation was one of the last great films we saw in theatres, before quarantine hit the UK. Fans will not forget the frivolously fantastic wardrobe, the vision of Oscar-winning costume designer Alexandra Bryne. Pastels are after all, the palette of summer. So, as we shift ‘back to normality’, take a look at these Emma inspired pastel outfits that transition from lockdown to parks and pubs – with face masks.


    Emma and our times

    ‘Handsome, Clever, and Rich’ says our favourite poster. The poster and the movie offer great social commentary for our times. Emma inspired pastel outfits and landscapes and the perfect flowers for a neat bouquets, but hardly anything more. She was a woman in 1800s England, she couldn’t vote, and she had negligible rights compared to us today. Yet as the poster reveals, she was endowed with beauty, brains, and her father’s wealth. This was a privilege other female characters, Harriet Smith and Jain Fairfax, were not privy to despite their own merits. These ideas might seem antiquated but wealth-based social progression and limitations placed on people due to their race or sex, is prevalent in today’s society.

    Doing something about it doesn’t always require devoting your entire Instagram feed to social activism. You can start influencing change through your wallet. Support local shops over bigger chains. Look for sustainable alternatives. Opt to purchase from People of Colour. At The Haute Heel, we actively weed out products that aren’t made with mostly natural fibres and prioritise sustainable and small brands. We will also strive to do better in regularly featuring BAME business owners.



    Words by Anushree Gupta

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    The Haute Team
    14th July 2020
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