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    Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most recognisable names and faces (and hair) in beauty. We all know about the sell-out Pillow Talk franchise that was born from the most sought after lipstick shade. But what about the other glowing, gorgeous products that have influencers, makeup artists and editors raving? These are my favourite makeup products to try from Charlotte Tilbury amid the ever-growing list of launches. Not to mention, one of the UK’s most coveted brands is cruelty free and vegan too, darling.


    What a fantastic bronzer! Filmstar Bronze & Glow is one of the best hues in the game, with absolutely no orange tones. The brown almost mimics a ‘shadow’, which gives the impression you were naturally gifted with insane bone structure. And it’s much cheaper than filler. The tones are totally buildable too, so I love to do a light wash of tan over my complexion with leftover pigment on the brush. While I’m not obsessed with the highlighter, it’s a lovely over another product, to set it.


    Luxury Palette of Pops Celestial Eyes suits absolutely every skin tone and eye colour. Challenge me on that, I’ll wait. Even if you fancy yourself more of a minimal, matte eye kinda gal there’s something about those rose gold tones that are wearable enough for everyday. I love the light pink champagne shimmer, Prime for the inner eye or a light sweep over the lid for a casual look. My go-to for an evening smoulder is the glittery chocolate pan, Smoke. It’s a blend of sparkle and rich, almost purple colour that I’ve never seen in another eyeshadow before. The pigments are incredible and don’t crease easily, even if you’ve got hooded eyelids.


    Cheek To Chic is a range of warm, flattering blush tones. Who doesn’t love a blush? If anything can convince a true contour queen to crossover to the sweet side, it’ll be this generous palette. Each contains two shades that the brand suggests for to use in different ways: the darker outer ring is for a flush across your cheekbones. The lighter ‘pop’ contains ‘light-flex’, which reflects shine and gives the impression of radiance.


    Matte Revolution Pillow Talk Intense in Medium is one of the best nude lipsticks for mid-tones out there. As someone with a naturally ‘light tan’, I always felt the original cult favourite was the slightest bit too pale for me. This is hue feels so modern and ‘grown-up’ that there’s something undeniably alluring about it.


    I can’t talk about Charlotte Tilbury without mentioning their signature lipstick, Pillow Talk. One of the best things about the lipstick is the geometric tip which makes for an easier flawless application. Because some of us have to apply lippie in the back of an Uber, while wrestling with a mask.


    The Beauty Light Wand is one of those highlighters I wasn’t that sure about, until I tried it. I’m not in love with the packaging compared to many of the brand’s knock-out, shelfie worthy products. But that soft, velour-like applicator and the seamless formula makes for a truly wonderful product. It’s pearlescent, not shimmery and has that soft-focus effect that makes you feel like you’re bathed in golden light. Can you tell I’m a true fan?


    Foundation is a controversial topic, everyone has their preferred formula that they’ll defend to death. I love a skin tint for the natural look or a creamy formula for a shoot-ready glow up. However, I’ve been rotating between Airbrush Flawless Foundation and my usual go-to’s since its launch. This claims to be skincare in makeup, incorporating what it calls MAGIC MOSSCELLTEC™ NO. 1. to add moisture to the skin. The effect is a reduction in the appearance of pores, while staying lightweight on the skin. Oh, there’s also AirCool™ which sounds like a kind of sports material. But no, it’s another miracle ingredient of sorts that creates a ‘refreshing’ feeling. It’s quite a lot to process for a coverage product but that’s probably why it’s so good at doing its job!

    To me, Hot Lips is faultless and there’s not one shade that’s unflattering. While I’m enamoured by the romantic fleshy pinks and bolder pigments, Patsy Red is my favourite statement lipstick of the lot. The name refers to Patsy Tilbury, the makeup guru’s mother who taught her that a beauty ritual is happiness and empowerment. It’s glamorous and the matte formula almost ‘stains’ the lips with the richest ruby. It’s one of the most universally flattering takes on the iconic red lip, neither too cool or warm.


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    Photo courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury @ctilburymakeup

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