Whether you’ve been isolating alone, with your family, a partner or that housemate, we’re all in it together. A lot has changed over the last month – it took government imposed quarantine for us to start using the Instagram Live feature. And can we talk about 90’s kids posting lip-syncing videos on Tik Tok? Whatever you think of the new normal and whoever you’re sharing your new dance moves with, you deserve a work/ play/ relax space that excites you every morning. After all, it was once your private hovel to leave laundry wherever you like and now, we’re exhibiting it to our colleagues on Zoom. To save you the trouble, we’ve hunted down unique and affordable home decor that makes isolation as enjoyable as possible.




    Sophie Conran scalloped sheets
    Instagram, @sophieconranshop


    You know you’re an adult when the prospect of getting into freshly laundered sheets excite you. Even more so when they’re beautiful to look at. Sophie Conran is the woman you hope to be when you become a mother, she’s an interior designer, cook and has created the prettiest scalloped bed linen (starting at £22.50 for a pillow case). You will 100% remember to wash your hair before laying down on these beauties.

    Another favourite is Linen Bundle, who specialises in no fuss, ultra soft bed sets (£138 for a ‘bundle). It’s one of the best quality for price that I’ve found and I love the neutral colours that can fit into any household. After sleeping in 500 thread count sheets, you will definitely know the difference.




    Living room

    This is the space most used for entertaining guests and likely, your new WFH site. If you’re working with a small apartment, the key is to keep it clutter-free and use larger, statement items as decor. Even better if it’s a truly unique piece, like these ones from independent boutiques around the world.





    Kitchen and Dining Area

    Coming Soon is a New York based interior store that have seriously cool curation, the kind of objects you’d see at a hotel and wonder where they’d gotten it form. Gaetano Pesce’s glass tray is the perfect statement piece for the kitchen counter or dining table. Whether you adore vibrancy or minimalism, there’s something so satisfying about glossy punches of colour.


    affordable statement homeware
    Coming Soon New York



    I prioritise keeping the kitchen as simple as possible. Aside from obvious reasons, if you’re looking at an open plan situation, unintentional mash-ups of colour makes things look messier than they really are. This applies to basic electrical items too. If you fancy yourself somewhat of an aspiring barista, invest in a temperature controlled kettle like this one from Felicita.


    aesthetic kitchen appliances
    Felicita Square Pour Over Electric Kettle, $130





    Bathrooms are usually the smallest in the home, so optimising whatever light there is with reflective surfaces, helps to open it up. Using natural materials, like a bamboo ladder as a towel rack or adding potted houseplants gives one of the most practical rooms a welcome dash of aesthetics. If that’s not possible, one of the latest trends is hanging eucalyptus in the shower, which releases its aroma in the hot steam. Plus it looks undeniably beautiful!



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