If you thought that your skin would be glowing and hair lustrous thanks to your pollution free home, we’re with you. But recycled air and dust from ventilation, not to mention the stress of a new routine can cause chaos in your body. I for one had the worst dermatitis of my life, with aggravated itchy skin all over my face for a whole week. It was obvious that I couldn’t stick to my regular, trusted skincare routine anymore. As for my social media audience, I’m hearing similar – reports of flakey, dehydrated skin, limp hair and waking up with split lips. These are the ten beauty products for healthy skin at home while looking (and smelling) great.


    There are days where putting on makeup makes you feel 10x better, in which case you won’t want to waste your heavy-duty camouflage. I’ve put aside my ultimate photoshoot and event favourite, Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick (£66) for Phyto-Hydra Teint by Sisley (£79.50). I’m astonished by the beautiful veil it provides, while being completely seamless – and it contains a light mineral SPF 15. When I wear it, I barely remember I have any product on my face. Another brilliant substitute for life at home would be Oxygenetix foundation, that’s packed with skincare ingredients and suitable for post-procedure skin.




    When you start to think about skincare the same way you do food, you’ll realise it’s all about nutrition. And it can’t hurt to add (even more in some cases) hyaluronic acid to your routine. The superstar ingredient attracts and retains 1000x its weight in water, which is the perfect addition to your favourite serum. This is not so much about replacing but adding an extra boost that will make all the difference.




    Ditch your basic petroleum jelly for Summer Fridays lip balm (£19.95). Aside from the ultra cute packaging (sorry, can’t resist) it’s packed with wonder oils, like sweet almond. Other favourites are Lucas Paw Paw (£6.95), which can be used for other minor skin ailments like dry patches or hand emollient.




    Upgrade your exfoliator to a medifacial-grade cleanser, used in London’s top clinics. The Dr Levy brand is best known for their Booster Serum (£280) and its stem cell technology that stimulates collagen production. Now we’re having to forgo our monthly aesthetic appointments, this range is more than worth the investment. Start with the triple-use 3Deep Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser, (£39) that can be softly massaged onto dry skin for the ultimate detox, on wet skin for a gentler treatment or leave-on as a mask to let the AHAs penetrate those pores.




    Swap out your regular body wash with Cerave’s Hydrating Cleanser (£9.50). Your usual go-to most likely contains SLS, SLES or cocamidopropyl betaine, otherwise known as CAPB. Even though it’s derived from coconuts and seems to be natural and kind to our dermis, it actually provokes the skin as much as its better known sulphate substitutes. Cerave’s pharmaceutical formula is as facial wash but who says you can’t use that to soothe the rest of your skin? Plus, it’s known for replenishing skin with much needed ceramides that retains moisture within the skin.




    We love a bath fizz but it’s time to switch to bath oils, one of our favourites is Beauty Pie’s Soul Provider shower and bath oil (£40 for non members). You can bet it smells divine – just like a treatment room at a five star tropical spa. Save a little in the palm of your hand and take deep inhales, in the steam. You’ll forget you’re in your bathroom for those precious seconds.




    On the topic of baths, there’s nothing that makes you feel more ready for silky skirts and spring than a smooth, supple legs. And it’s no secret that we adore Herbivore’s Amethyst Body Scrub (£38), which outperforms many of the sugar-based products on the market. With coconut oil as its base, it contains jasmine sambac extract for scent and magnesium-rich Epsom salts to relieve and soothe skin and muscles. Plus, the texture is unparalleled with an exfoliant so fine it’s like lying (or maybe rolling) on white sandy beach.




    It’s time to put aside that aggressive fake tan, which often contains dehydrating alcohol, and pick up customisable Click and Glow drops (£32) from James Read. Who said beauty products for healthy skin at home couldn’t look good too? Packed with skincare regulars such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid, this brings a whole new level to the sun-kissed game. Add it to your moisturiser every other day to build a natural looking, golden complexion while keeping your skin safe from UV rays (yes, even through a wind0w!) with your usual SPF.




    Who doesn’t love a little bit of contouring? But there’s no need for layers of powder. Bringing higher cheekbones with minimal product is possible with Lumene’s Watercolour Bronzer (£22.50). Combining skincare with makeup, the formula makes use of peptides (protein building blocks for your skin) and antioxidants from the Nordic brand’s signature ingredient, Cloudberries. Yes, it’s a real thing we’ve seen IRL. This little bottle of sunshine is one of the team’s absolute favourites.




    Night cream is all well and good but for days where your skin is more mad at you than you are at toilet paper hoarders, you’ll need something soothing. If you follow my Instagram (@fleurandrea) you’ll know I swear by Avene Cicalfate cream. But with many pharmacies exhausted by their virtual waitlist that rivals the 2016 Yeezy drop, I’ve had to turn to alternatives. We are loving Lanolips Face Base The Aussie Jetlag Face Mask (£20). It contains no nasties and is perfect for combining with whatever actives are in the skin regime you’re rocking.





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