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    Roll your eyes or lean in, whatever your attitude, the stars are speaking louder than ever. Or maybe it’s just getting more re-Tweets. With an urge to know ourselves better and anchor our identities to something ‘greater’ at a time where it seems like Mercury is always in retrograde, astrology is booming. The Haute Heel team put together this guide on horoscope beauty gifts because with so many options out there, at least you can tell the *insert star sign* in your life, exactly why this is so unique to them.



    The fiery Aries is independent, competitive and a natural leader. There’s something admirable and infectious about their free-spirited attitude to life and willingness to go all-out in every situation. The Ram needs something special, after all they are the first in the Zodiac and announce new beginnings of spring. Overose is a niche candle brand that’s known for its gorgeous packaging. Nudesse in its holographic splendour is a real statement piece in the home and brimming with floral intensity thanks to heavy doses of rose. 


    Overose, Nudesse candle



    Taurus babies tend to be proud of their sign and own the personality of being stubborn, hardworking and ambitious. Ruled by Venus they also have a materialistic side, which is part of their physicality. Inspired by Asian medicine, Bed of Nails are ergonomically designed accessories that aid your body in recovery. With its ‘needles’, their cult product the Acupuncture Mat stimulates blood flow and ‘energy’. Although it takes getting used to, the pressure is also said to release your natural supply of oxytocin. If anyone would appreciate this, it’s the full-speed-ahead Bull in your life. 


    Bed of Nails, Acupuncture Mat



    Although infamous for having two personalities, Geminis have a multitude of great traits like optimism and intelligence. They are also known for their romantic endeavours, where they’re fearless in the pursuit of the right partner. Tom Ford is one of The Haute Heel’s favourite perfumers, with mind-blowing releases like Fucking Fabulous and Soleil Neige. Their newest is Rose Prick, which comes in the prettiest baby pink bottle you ever did see. Containing three different rose varieties: Bulgarian, Rose de Mai and Turkish, the scent contrasts the velvety petals with the sensorial thorn. What could be a better metaphor for the celestial Twins?


    Tom Ford, Rose Prick Eau de Parfum



    The crab is known for being intuitive, (very) sensitive and a caring friend. These emotive traits mean that they can be on the temperamental side and a bit of a worrier. Distract the Cancer in your life with some pretty things – they’re aesthetically inclined and SILKE’s practical yet elegant turbans are delightful. Silk accessories are known to protect hair from friction and therefore premature breakage. 


    The SILKE Hair Wrap, The Eva



    When it’s Leo season, there’s no doubt they’ll let you know about it. Warm, outgoing and positive, the lion also likes the finer things in life. There’s nothing more crowd-pleasing and luxe than a gift from Chanel. However, this popular sun sign bothers themselves with the opinions of others, so it might be best to get a classic shade like red or a light pink to ensure it gets any use.


    Chanel Le Vernis, Longwear Nail Colour in Exquisite Pink



    This earth sign is known as smart, sophisticated and true planners that think things through thoroughly. The best gift for a Virgo is one that’ll help them put on their best face. As perfectionists, they may also suffer from Imposter Syndrome and a Charlotte Tilbury palette will surely help them look the part, even if they’re not confident enough to feel it yet. Pillow Talk started out as a sell-out lipstick shade that’s evolved into a whole franchise in itself – think varying hues for deeper skin tones, blushers and now a stunning eyeshadow quad to join the family. 


    Charlotte Tilbury, Pillow Talk Luxury Palette



    Who doesn’t like Libras? They’re thoughtful and sociable, striving to keep harmony in every aspect of their lives. Sometimes, the one who’s taking on all the burdens need a little TLC. We wouldn’t be as presumptuous as to gift our sweetest friends 2004’s Japanese boyfriend pillow. There are way more aesthetically pleasing options now! We found a soft corner pillow at Urban Outfitters for those times we can’t be there to Netflix and cuddle with them with a glass of wine. 


    Urban Outfitters, Shearling Boo Pillow



    The scorpions get a bad rep for their need to control situations but underneath that mysterious facade is a passionate and loyal individual. Rodial has an extensive ranges in makeup and skincare, with some cult favourites being the Banana Powder, used for setting makeup and Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream moisturiser. One of our favourite is the Pink Diamond sheet mask made of bio-cellulose, which is not just better for the environment but remains close to the skin and helps with absorption of the brightening serum. For Scorpios that like to keep the cards close to their chest, a mask is comforting in more ways than one. 


    Rodial, Pink Diamond Lifting Face Mask



    This fire sign is typically known for being a leader, independent and honest. So when it comes to which wellness product to gift a Sag, you can’t simply pop into any old shop and come out with a body wash. No, the archer needs something cutting edge that would make Gwyneth Paltrow herself look twice (the Goop shop has been known to stock an item or two). Oskia was created after the founder, Georgie Cleeve recovered from a ski injury when taking Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). It’s a naturally occuring compound that’s an anti-inflammatory, attributed to reducing joint pain, muscle ache and helping to build the important protein in our bodies, keratin. The Bio-Plus tablets are an ‘upgrade’ to the original MSM supplement and contains black pepper, which Oskia claims increases our absorption efficiency.


    Oskia, MSM Bio-Plus Tablets



    Capricorns are thought of as determined, stubborn and more than likely, perfectionists. We’d gift the Cap in our lives something created with innovation that incorporates technology and style. It’s time to splash out at Dyson and invest in one of their most popular products, the Airwrap. It takes a while to learn how to use (nothing that YouTube couldn’t help you with) to get that just-left-a-salon volume and curl. The tool stands out for its Coanda effect, that evenly and gently twirls parts of your hair around the barrel for you. It maintains its shine by keeping temperatures below 150 degrees, which minimises heat damage. 


    Dyson, HS01 Airwrap Complete Hair Styler



    Aquarians don’t like to be told that they’re just like their star sign: unique and sensitive. Resisting definition from others, it’s probably best to get the water-bearer something that doesn’t make them feel they’ve been put in a box but rather, understood on a deeper plane. Herbivore Botanicals has a gorgeous, purple body scrub that’s so fine that it has a texture unlike anything else. It contains particles of crushed amethyst stone and organic virgin olive oil. Also, it’s the birth stone of February babies so even if you can’t hit an Aquarius’s high expectations, it’s more than luxurious and pretty enough.


    Herbivore Botanicals, Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish



    Arguably one of the most likeable and creative signs of them all, the fish is also intuitive and thought to be good listeners. They deserve a treat, especially when they reserve much of their resources for close friends that they truly care for. Pat McGrath is dubbed by Anna Wintour herself, “the most influential makeup artist in the world”. Our favourite of her highly pigmented palettes that range from shimmers, colour-shifting iridescent hues and velvety, deep mattes is Midnight Sun. And in spite of the seemingly outrageous shades, everything is wearable on the daily. A Pisces would especially know what to do.


    Pat McGrath Labs, Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette – Midnight Sun  



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