The One With the… Reunion is finally here. We can’t wait to see our favourite group of Friends sipping coffee and spilling tea at Central Perk come May. If like us, you’ve been binge watching past episodes on Netflix, you might’ve realised that it’s full of serious 90’s outfit inspiration. Rachel might have been best known for her style because hi, fashion job at Ralph Lauren. But some of the most iconic moments in the series include that black dress on Phoebe and her boho style. And who could forget Monica’s effortless looks that have always remained in style (oh, and those seashell braids)? Get inspired by the 12 most wearable looks from Friends you can buy now.



    You probably already own one of these outfits because Monica Geller arguably had the most wearable and versatile style. Bar the time she had to wear roller-skates while working a 1950’s diner because we’ve all had a bad uniform moment. Our favourite neurotic TV show character balanced OCD perfectionism with charming quirk, veiled by a norm-core wardrobe. Her day-to-day looks include straight leg denim and high waisted skirts, paired with neutral jumpers. Literally what’s on your Instagram feed, right now. But she could turn on the sex appeal and fast (who remembers the moisturiser scene). It’s no surprise because arguably, this chef had the best looking boyfriends.


    90's outfits from Friends


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    Monica Friends outfits




    Oh, Phoebe. Phoebe is the unsung hero of the millennial generation. I mean, her wardrobe looks like she raided Reformation’s maxi dress collection. This masseuse/ singer-songwriter/ linguist/ artist must have inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of girls around the world to be DJs/ models/ painters/ photographers, as well as give birth. Especially beside Rachel, she may not be the most memorable for her clothes, but we like a woman that’s remembered more for her art – ahem, Gladys – than what she wore.


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    90's style TV inspiration


    It’s hard to pick the best of Rachel Green’s closet, but we certainly weren’t going to feature that scary bridesmaid dress from The One With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding. Although her hair was iconic, so too was her business casual wardrobe and smattering of school-girl inspired outfits. The embodiment of her evolution from sheltered princess to ambitious fashion leader.


    Rachel Friends Gingham dress


    Rachel Friends Plaid skirt outfit


    Rachel evening gown The one where No one's Ready


    wearable looks from Friends



    Our best tips on how to shop high street and still look expensive, right here.


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