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    The Haute Heel team is still on that laborious mission of trialling at home beauty apps. You know, to save you the trouble of getting excessively pampered in your pursuit of finding the ideal mobile salon. Andrea tries another hot press favourite, Secret Spa that’s particularly known for its luxurious edge. The booking platform offers among other things, the usual nails (£38 for a gel mani), facials (£70) and even IV drips (starting from £190). Find out if this is worth the download in this Secret Spa app review.


    The treatment

    Massages for me are more of treat. I’ll prioritise medifacials or a mani/pedi because they take less time and have longer lasting results. But I’ll take any excuse to get on a heated table with some light aromatherapy on the side! I went for the £85 Swedish option, which lasted one and a half hours. I think that the pricing is very reasonable as I’d expect to pay double this at a spa in central London. The therapist that arrived was very professional and calming, despite the huge difficulties with customer service I had experienced (a little more on that later).


    User experience

    I know you can opt out of marketing emails but word of warning, I’ve never had my inbox ping as much after a service than with Secret Spa. It’s the Gmail equivalent of Joe Goldberg from You. I don’t like giving a rating of anything if it’s less than four out of five stars (I just feel bad) but this incessant pestering to leave a review on Trip Advisor triggered me to actually go ahead with it. I gave the experience a three, mind you this is not a reflection of the treatment because I can’t fault my masseuse. As if you would get this volume of correspondence if you booked via Treatwell or even through a hotel!

    This aside, the app itself was very easy to use and pay, although the quickest option is to save your card details to your account. One feature that a few apps lacked but this had were specific brands, like an Oskia facial, which I really like. Another positive is that Secret Spa doesn’t charge you until the treatment is completed. There’s also a notes section while booking that I assumed would be visible to the therapist but in actuality, is only viewable to the customer service team. This makes no sense as instructions on how to find the location, possible injuriesor mobility issues etc. would not be conveyed. As you might’ve guessed, this was my main frustration as it involved lots of unnecessary phone calls and the service delayed by a whole hour.

    Secret Spa app review

    best beauty salon app

    Would you book again?

    I didn’t want this review to be all grumble because yes, I possibly would book again but specifically for massage. Secret Spa doesn’t glitch as much as many of the apps I’ve downloaded in view to test and my treatment was lovely and reasonably priced. However, I have used some of the other at-home salons reviewed here and have to say that Blow’s customer service team is notably better and friendlier.


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    13th February 2020
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