Hair colour is the stuff 2000’s teen makeover shows thrive on. As adults (or trying to be) we no longer have to resort to that weird spray-on stuff from Claire’s Accessories or rub coloured chalk onto our precious follicles. Over the past decade, extreme colours and dye techniques have come in and out of vogue – does anyone remember the emo racoon tails? – and we’re here to share with you the best colour protection shampoos according to your hair.


    Blonde on Bronde

    Emily, @emilyalexmorgan

    I love lifting my ‘bronde’ hair with highlights. My problem is that after a few weeks, the once icy blonde turns into a brassy yellow-gold colour. My. Haircare’s Infuse My. Colour Platinum Shampoo is my pick for hair colour protection, it’s a deep violet shade but the good news is that it’s vegan and contains none of the typical nasties, like silicone, sulphates and parabens. After using this for a month, the shampoo neutralised the straw-tones in my hair, resulting in that lovely cool, straight-out-the-salon blonde.

    Mostly, I was impressed by how long this bottle lasts and how little you need to use each wash. It has a clean, fresh smell and makes your hair feel soft and silky – even if it is used without a conditioner. If you have bleached or lightened hair, I would really recommend using this as your shampoo, as it’s helped my salon colour to last longer!

    Highlights on Dark Hair

    Andrea, @fleurandrea
    After months of sensitive scalp issues, I’ve resorted to a hair detox – no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) , SLES ( sodium laureth sulfate) or CAPB (cocamidopropyl betaine) which are known to sensitise skin. But I love my highlights, they just brighten up my look. I get a half head every three months or so and start to reach for intense colour protection products about two to three weeks after my appointment with Jess at Hari’s. These shampoos come across as pretty harsh to me and have contributed to an excessively oily scalp in the past.
    I’ve been using Josh Wood Colour for weeks now and the best part is there’s been zero irritation. I went for the Fine Blonde Refreshing Shampoo, which targets pigment more so than texture (my hair isn’t fine at all). Even in spite of this and the fact that it’s soap-free, my hair feels so incredibly clean and the colour hasn’t faded at all. I will continue using and this and take it as a lesson to look at products that aren’t specifically marketed at you!

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    From Black to Blonde

    Jess @thestylecat hair

    Jess, @thestylecat
    Being Asian, I have naturally black hair and started bleaching it blonde over four years ago. And yes, I do it myself. The after-care process does require the right balance of products and I love HASK Blue Chamomile & Argan Oil Blonde Care Shampoo. It’s sulphate free and has just the right consistency. What I like is that it actually gets past all my thick hair and coats my scalp so I can get it squeaky clean each time. I wash my hair as little as possible to preserve the colour and condition, so that is super important for me!

    The Natural Colour

    Sarina, @theclassychemist
    Leonor Greyl is an amazing brand that I’ve been using for over two years now. I have long, thick and wavy hair that’s coloured, so day to day, I use the Bain Restructurant a la Banane. When I want extra nourishment, I reach for the Masque a la Orchidée. But for colour protection in particular when my chocolate tones become too warm, I go for the Soin Repigmentant in Dark Brown. I chose this brand since a Leonor Greyl specialist at Harrods used a microscopic camera to analyse my scalp condition and I saw huge buildups of SLS. This is found in most haircare except this brand!
    I get regular treatments in the salon every six months and each time I have seen new baby hairs grow from the follicles.
    For the ultimate haircare, find out what happened when Andrea had a CBD scalp treatment.
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