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    Eni Lori is a London based stylist that shows off her high street meets high end style on Instagram. Standing at just over five foot and a size six, she’s considered petite. Although she feels that high street labels and images on social media cater to her “as a slim girl”, the same might not be said for representing women of colour. When I polled my Instagram audience, asking them if they felt satisfied by the diversity from fashion brands, just over 60% said no. Thank goodness for social media then. You can find Eni’s outfits on Instagram, where her go-to look is “a basic white tee and a pair of jeans” paired with a classic designer bag. But it’s more than those everyday looks. It’s dressing to the nines that have us puzzled too. Not to fear, here are quick shopping tips for petite women straight from a five foot stylist.


    What’s your relationship with your body and dressing for it?

    I find it easy dressing for my body. I don’t restrict myself to the petite section, I mainly shop the normal range. What tends to be sometimes difficult is the sizing of trousers and skirts, so usually I’ll get them altered.


    basic style tips for petite women

    shopping ideas from a petite stylist


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    Where and how do you shop for basics?

    My favourite places for basics would have to be H&M and Zara. I love their Conscious range. I also love going to Topshop for their denim jeans. They honestly have the best fit. My advice for buying that perfect T-shirt is getting multiple colours to have a variation in your wardrobe. For denim, I always go for the mom jean style.


    What about party looks?

    For occasion wear I look on ASOS. I’m always surprised by their selection and the prices are usually decent. Self-Portrait and Three Floor are my favourites for occasion wear. Even though these come with a hefty price tag, the quality and fit are fab. It’s important that when I buy an item I can see myself wearing it as much as possible and it makes me feel comfortable. I have two foolproof tricks: a statement dress paired with simple accessories or over-the-top accessories with a simple look.



    Do you feel your appearance is reflected in advertising or social media campaigns?

    As a woman of colour, we are not a focus for brands. This is particularly so on social media and something that needs to change. It would be so great to have the diversity agenda prioritised by my favourite brands, instead of using the same people over and over again.



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    21st February 2020
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