Tweakments have been a not-so-guilty pleasure among us, where teeth whitening and instant-glow fixes see their fair share of chatter on social media. The demand to look as fresh in real life as they we do online (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to 24/7) has lead to regimes that are higher in maintenance than most. One thing that I’ve been particularly impressed by is that preventative procedures no longer mean that early 20 somethings feel the need to head down the botox route. After trialling some of the most intense facials from PRP, ultherapy to lasers, these are the best medifacials in London for that long lasting, real life filter.


    Real life ‘Facetune’

    For some, these are a step up from a chemical peel. They’re slightly more permanent and involve a needle for things that can’t quite be met through other means. The man they’re going to is Doctor Rupert Critchley of Viva Skin Clinics, who operates in Marylebone, Chelsea and Shoreditch neighbourhoods. He’s known for his holistic approach to aesthetics, which is more about harmonising features and creating balance. A popular request of the doctor, is what he calls ’emotional-based treatments’, helping patients to look fresher, younger and less tired. None of that “let’s do two militeres in the cheeks, chin, Kylie-package rubbish”. I paid a visit regarding my bruxism, where in one session, all symptoms including migraines and nerve sensitivity were reduced. Read more about my experience here.


    Viva Skin Clinics

    Three locations here


    Real life ‘liquify’

    She needs no introduction, as one of The Haute Heel’s skin experts and my long-standing facialist. One of the most exciting things about Renee Lapino’s Notting Hill clinic is that she’s able to achieve serious, medical-grade results without a needle in sight. In the last few months, she’s launched the needle-less Fat Dissolve. In other words, the real life version of ‘liquify’. And takes roughly around the same amount of time to get it right on Photoshop too – about 15 minutes per area. Best of all, it’s painless, so if you’ve been thinking of getting Kybella, this is a low-maintenance option. It works via mesotherapy, delivering a cocktail into fat cells, which the body mistakes for “excess fat… Once absorbed, the fat cells reach capacity and attempt to split and form new fat cells. Instead they split and become cellular waste. The body then absorbs it and flushes it out through the endocrine system”. The Fat Dissolve treatment starts from £195 , where three to eight sessions are needed depending on the individual. The most popular area? The jawline, which goes for £225 and larger areas such as the back of both arms are £325 .


    Renee Lapino 

    Address upon request (West London)

    Real life ‘blur’

    D Thomas clinic in South Kensington specialises in that magic word in aesthetics, “laser”. Magic because of the results that the various technology can produce and because of the mystique around what it actually is. So this is the deal. One machine can do a multitude of things, depending on how deep it penetrates the skin layers. Because of this, facials here are entirely bespoke and packaged in stages. For example, all patients start with DNA1, which is a non-invasive treatment anywhere from the hydra facial to micro-needling. It’ll include a patch test for sensitivity for the next step. Despite what you think your skin may need, we all have to begin at this stage. The next is DNA 2 and 3, which involves a bespoke treatment using the big guns. Christina Patchett is a senior facialist at the clinic and after analysing my skin using a photo-analysis machine, she saw that I had redness due to capillaries around my nose and open pores around my nose and cheeks. Open pores are also an indication of oily skin type (guilty) but you know what, there’s a laser for that too.


    D Thomas

    25 Walton St,

    SW3 2HU


    Real life ‘glow’

    The Dr Dray clinic in Kensington treads that line between no-nonsense results and homeliness, mostly thanks to their charismatic staff. The treatment they’re most known for is the Mesolift facial, which involves a minuscule needle on a gun that delivers vitamins and hyaluronic acid. No doubt that your skin is absorbing the good stuff here, it’s literally injected – painlessly might I add – to the epidermal layer. The result is a healthy radiance and plumper skin that’s fully hydrated, something that my chapped lips were hankering for. I’m told that the ‘glow’ will last up to four months but that two to three sessions are required, depending on lifestyle and skin condition. Oh, and there’s no down time although saunas and makeup aren’t advised for the day of. An impressive stint for such a quick treatment.


    Dr Dray

    20 Canning Place

    W8 5AD



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