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    Peptides are the building blocks of collagen and elastin fibres, which as we all know, is the secret to eternal youth. Topical application, say on your forehead which tell of the years of frowning at man-spreading on the train, tells your body to start the stimulation process. Copper peptides in particular can also regulate collagen’s breakdown process and organically found in human plasma. And it’s anti-inflammatory. The wonders of what the human body is capable of producing will forever impress. It’s also a favourite ingredient in the new, luxury range Wildsmith Skin that’s packed in chic matte black. Like a custom sprayed Lamborghini you might find in Knightsbridge. Speaking of which, Wildsmith offers facials at iconic department store, Harrods. The brand is inspired by the arboretum in Heckfield Place, Hampshire, and the focus is on 2019’s buzz phrase of the year, “natural skincare”. But listen, it doesn’t discard the juicy science stuff and it doesn’t seem to be just another beauty company either (we tend not to cover those here). The brand is made in England and holds up the banner for ethical beauty. They’re committed to being cruelty-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Even the packaging is made of mycelium, a soil-grown biodegradable material. 


    Wildsmith Skin Active Repair Copper Peptide Serum

    This little bottle packs a big punch. I’m spotting a trend here with this Wildsmith Skin range! It’s a lightweight serum that helps to repair and protect your skin. The copper peptides boost collagen, which over time should reduce visible signs of ageing. Again, like the Active Super Eye Serum I apply two to three pumps morning and night. Another key ingredient is the African star grass, which has a less glamorous name: African potato. Nevertheless, its anti-inflammatory properties means its been used in herbal remedies since the late 60’s. Then there’s the mongogo oil, full of vitamins E & C which work together beautifully and helps to repair your skin.

    Wildsmith Repair Copper Peptide Cream

    This is my favourite product from the Wildsmith range. Again, it comes with a little spoon for you to use, which is a lovely touch. The cream itself has quite a strong smell, which I actually loved (but I also don’t have sensitive skin). It reminds me of being in a botanical spa and really references its origins: the greenhouse of a grand manor in England. The product contains virgin coconut oil for that emollient goodness – without it being greasy. It also has hyaluronic acid, which draws water to the surface of your skin and keeps it plump and hydrated. It’s a great ingredient to have in your arsenal when travelling to a hot and humid country, because there’s little chance of the excess moisture being stripped by dry, cold wind. Copper peptide is obviously the hero product of this moisturiser, I mean, it says so on tub. Medical journals have claimed that it has the ability to repair damaged collagen and elastin from the skin and scar tissue.


    sustainable beauty Wildsmith Skin

    Wildsmith Active Super Eye Serum

    Context: I took this range with me on a recent getaway to Thailand, which means a change in climate, some dehydration to be expected and lots of sun. Good for the soul, not the best for my skin. This eye serum is a life saver for those puffy, jet lagged eyes. I religiously used (and still do) this everyday, in the morning and at night. You don’t need to use a lot of the product – one drop is enough to apply around both orbital areas. As the skin around your eyes is very delicate, you want to use your weakest finger to avoid damaging the area as a whole. It’s interesting that instead of the usual ‘cream’, it’s called a serum, which suggests that it penetrates deeper and is meant to prep the epidermal layer for more. It’s jam packed with super ingredients such as paracress flower buds provides a smoothening appearance, it’s said to have a paralysing botox effect. It also contains elderberry flower extract to keep the skin hydrated and boost firmness. While it didn’t blast the dark rings away, it was enough for me to forego sunglasses at the breakfast table.


    Wildsmith Skin Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm

    The packaging of the cleansing balm is gorgeous. One thing I really liked was that it came with a little spoon for you to scoop out the product, which helps with hygiene and getting the right amount each time. I warm the balm in the palms of my hands and massage it directly onto dry skin, before removing the product with a warm damp cloth. It’s the most luxurious end to a sweaty night in the tropics. Personally, I use this at night to remove my makeup and any pollution from my skin (thank you city living). The ingredients break down any oils and dirt to leave your skin feeling soft and fresh. Rosehip oil helps to tone your skin and improve skin pigmentation. Meadowfoam seed oil helps to keep your skin’s moisture and reduce dryness. There’s also tonnes of hydration in this, thanks to shea butter and sweet almond oil!



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    Jordine Lam
    2nd January 2020
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