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    When family reunions are so stressful, you need extra good eyeliner and in some cases, very waterproof mascara. Take a look at these two makeup tutorials for hooded lids with a Chinese New Year twist (who are we kidding, this basically means shimmer, gold and hints of red).


    Where’s my red packet



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    Sassy with a pop of unexpected magenta, you can swap the bright pink eyeliner for any other shade. Just blend with a similar tone instead of the brownish-red. I’ve used Nars’s Singapore palette, repackaged for its Chinese New Year 2020 collection. All topped off with a very adult nude shade from Charlotte Tilbury’s latest Pillow Talk release in Intense 3.


    Sorry I don’t have a PHD



    …but I did my make up in 10 minutes. This is one of the easiest look with all the tricks to make hooded eyes look wider. My trick is to add a flash of lighter colour (or glitter if you’re feeling that kinda way) in the middle of the lid. Here, I’ve highlighted all the luxury Asian beauty brands that I’ve had the chance to try over the last year.


    If you love natural makeup, find out about this skincare inspired, Nordic top-seller.

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    24th January 2020
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