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    Clean, cruelty free and caring, here’s hoping that this is what the beauty brand of the future looks like. It comes in a lilac biodegradable packaging, by the way. Although new skincare brand Plenaire claims that they don’t have a target age group, its distinct imagery of real youths, alongside research with Flamingo Group into the mental health of young teenage girls, makes it clear that Gen Z is where it’s at. And say what you will about the TikTok generation, I can see the appeal. Here’s an audience with a huge amount of power (somewhat thanks to social media) that has grown up in an environment of female empowerment. The positivity and good intentions have apparently paid off for what I fondly dub, the beauty brand of the future. The young label has enjoyed a long pop up stint at luxury department store Liberty in London, and are about to expand their core range of product. Find out what you need to try in this Plenaire skincare review.


    Rose Jelly Gentle Makeup Remover

    This pink jelly wonder smells like rose syrup and it’s a simple, slippery beauty to use. If I’m wearing light makeup, I’ll slather it all over my face, concentrating on those stubborn eyeliner wings and pigment stained lips. It does the job in just one wash, although double cleansing never hurt anyone. Considering it’s marketed as a pre-cleanser, it’s packed with an impressive amount of hydration. Take glycerin for example, which is one of the first ingredients on the list. Then there’s sweet almond and jojoba oil, algae and coconut fruit extract that are ultra moisturising.


    Tripler 3in1 Exfoliating Clay

    When I think of a clay product, I get very excited. There’s something truly satisfying about that gooey, cake-y texture. Tripler 3in1 however, is one of the lightest of its kind with tiny particles of blackcurrant seeds that adds texture. It’s more like whipped clay, if you will. And as you know, I’m a firm believer in chemical exfoliants over physical, so I don’t massage this into my skin. I’ll happily leave it on as a mask, while it draws out excess sebum from my pores. It does this very well as it’s made of French clay and contains zinc oxide. The pink formula dries without leaving that slow, grip on your face, which many ‘detox’ or ‘firming’ products do. I’ll comfortably sit at my laptop and forget I have it on for about an hour. I’d recommend this for that week before your period, when your skin suffers from PMS harder than you do.


    Violet spot treatment

    As someone that faced the wrath of acne as soon as her big girl hormones kicked in, I believe that there are very few anti-blemish products that truly work. So much out there exacerbates inflammation. Just think of the days we used to think topical tea tree oil would blast that pimple away! When it comes to halting that epidermal offender, I have turned to Plenaire’s Violet Paste for assistance. After a few hours of application, it diminishes in size and anger (redness). Importantly, the paste is odourless and so gentle that the surrounding area wasn’t left parched. Even if I’m not suffering from a break out, I’ll use a light layer over an oily T-zone, which has helped to keep whiteheads at bay. This is a product to share with boyfriends, mine was its first guinea pig.


    When they say ‘a little goes a long way’, with this moisturiser, it’s certainly in the name. Droplet is incredibly lightweight but packs a load of moisture. That’s something that I did not expect from a gel. I can imagine a lot of people adoring the glassy formula, which really adds to the product’s ‘cleanness’ (everything is Leaping Bunny certified), especially because it doesn’t leave a hint of stickiness. I like it the most in the morning, when I’m in a rush to slap on some concealer, as it absorbs into your skin extremely fast. Although it’s not as barrier-protecting as a your typical emollient, a few days with Droplet won’t leave your skin gagging for hydration – even in the winter.



    Shop the clean, vegan skincare brand here.

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    15th December 2019
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