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    This may be a little premature but I’ve found my dream flat! And as much as I’ve been scrolling through Zoopla the past month, I’ve also been trawling Instagram and Pinterest for some serious interior inspo (even though the property comes with brand new furniture). So while my fantasies of a total free reign overhaul will have to be parked until I can afford my own home, I wanted to share the most affordable ways to upgrade your home this autumn and no, it will not involve Christmas decorations. I’m pretty sure I’ll be saving this for another post. Take a look at this shoppable guide for those cozy and luxe feels that will get you in the mood for cuddling up in front of the TV. Total bliss.

    autumn home inspiration

    1. Soft furnishings

    Arguably the most exciting way to update your home is through soft furnishings, which include a huge array from rugs to pillow cases and throws. To get that ‘expensive apartment in the sky’ feeling, go for neutrals that will compliment what already exists. Premium textiles like sheepskin, which are environmentally friendly to produce (often a byproduct of the meat industry) and will last you forever, can be a consideration. In the summer, mine lives on my office chair. But in the winter, it’s by my bedside so my feet don’t touch cold wood flooring first thing in the morning. Autumn calls for velvet. A subtle addition to the sofa will be very much welcomed, even if you’re flat sharing. A change of rug brightens up a room and has the very practical function of insulation. Try this affordable pink option to lift the space.



    2. Natural materials

    This is very much inspired by my friend and interior guru Monica (@luxmondi) who has recently finished renovating and decorating her house! Round of applause, please and thank you. Her home is such a source of inspiration for me, it’s full of delicious beiges and creams. Importantly, it is accented with natural materials like rattan, linen, dried leaves and clay. Having low maintenance (as opposed to live houseplants), organic elements gives the home a softer, more comforting aura. Try the affordable options below or shop more dried palm leaves here. For IRL shopping, H&M home have a brilliant array of dried flora in the autumn!



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    3. New glassware

    There is something so exciting about bringing home something new to drink from. All those wonderful liquids of which it will become the almighty vessel. No one else, just me? In case you share my passion for glassware, these are some options that will elevate your home and inject some life back into stale interiors. They’re suitably luxurious in aesthetic and if you’re not looking to replace all of your bits, remember most grapes, including Champagne, can be drunk from a white wine glass. Four birds, one stem.


    4. A statement candle

    You will not be seeing any Yankee Candles around here. And most certainly no cheesy scents like Pumpkin Pie. An inviting home is either about genuine smells from fresh blooms or the weekly roast (pop a Betty Crocker cookie mixes in the oven if you’re really craving the smell of burning sugar), or an unique, personal home scent. And looks matter here because the more beautiful the candle, the more of a shelf life it’ll have. Some uses include flowers, stationery, makeup tools and spare coins that surface from no where.


    5. Bits with which to entertain

    The thought of those dinner parties! The avoidance of the great outdoors in single degree temperature! The booze that’s brought directly to your front door by guests! It would not do to serve off clumsy, weighty china plates and pour drinks into cups with paper straws. It’s time to invest in some homeware that’s suitable for guests to enjoy. Think out of the box too, a home is for creating new memories. Whenever I host, I make sure that there’s always an after dinner activity to bring everyone together and there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition.



    What other ways do you update your house for the colder months? DM me at @fleurandrea.



    photos by @alisejane_photography, shot at the Four Seasons Park Lane

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