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    October really marks the end of summer. There’s nothing like the sight of pumpkin displays and shop windows stocked with cosy jackets to remind us of this. It’s also the time to hit the reset button on your skincare routine. Many factors impact our skin health, some of them we can control (ok, who drank more rosé than water last season?) and others are out of our hands. Autumn TLC focuses on rehydrating tired, well-travelled skin and repairing the skin barrier after all that sun exposure. The drop in temperature also plays a significant part in your epidermal health.  So take note, this is your cold weather skincare basics guide.


    Hot to cold

    Extreme weather exacerbates existing skin conditions like rosacea. It’s especially that transition from toasty indoor heating to skin-nipping cold outdoors, which affects the capillaries.

    Your solution

    Don’t scald yourself with extra hot baths, showers and stripping or harsh face washes. Your skin is drier and more delicate in the cooler months. 


    Avene is a French pharmaceutical brand that collects its water at the source. As it goes straight into the bottle, the spray in particular has no expiry date as it’s never been exposed to sunlight! Their products contain very low mineral content, which is perfect for sensitised or sensitive skin. It’s also high in silica, which is hydrating and soothing, bringing down inflammation and preps the skin for better absorption. La Roche-Posay is another brand that’s kind to irritated skin, try their Lipikar range which is gentle enough for baby skin.



    Cold weather skincare basics should factor in trans epidermal water loss (TEWL for short). Essentially, it’s the evaporation of water from our skin. In general, we are likely to suffer from an increase of this due to dry weather conditions.

    Your solution

    Bulk up the emollient and nourishing ingredients. This means switching your foaming cleanser to something more gel/or creamy. Make sure that you are not only using a hydrating serum, but also a moisturiser to seal in moisture and prevent TEWL. 

    Squalane has reached ‘it’ status. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it acts as an emollient, enabling natural sebum production, which in turn hydrates your skin. Naturally occurring in our bodies, as an ingredient it’s derived from olive oil. However, if you’re acne prone or sporting an oily complexion, use this as a treatment rather than part of your daily routine.



    Environmental factors

    Pollution tends affect the skin more in cooler months. We all know hot air rises faster, so that cooler air in which we’re enjoying our hot chocolates means we’re also festering city grime. Have a moment to soak that in. 

    Your solution

    1. There may be a build of of dead skin cells during the cooler months, so ensuring you have a chemical exfoliant that is suited to your skin mood and underlying skin type is critical. 


    2. Make sure you are still wearing SPF (especially if you are not wearing make-up) to create a barrier for pollution.  You will also still be exposed to UVA rays (ageing rays) that cause free radical damage and premature ageing.


    3. Start to ramp up your retinol treatments from October onwards to tackle sun damage (pigmentation). It also aids with improving skin texture and minimising the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles.  



    With your back to school mindset, look at your products and question why it’s part of your new routine: Is it something you’ve been repurchasing since forever? Are you using this because it helped with an old skincare concern that you don’t want reappearing? Curate your basic skincare routine like you would a seasonal wardrobe, you might find that some trusty favourites remain and that’s ok!

    If you ever feel overwhelmed, then come see us at Lion/ne! We design a totally unbiased (no annoying sales) skincare regime that is right for you, your skin, and the season. 


    Words by Lion/ne London

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    1st October 2019
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