Marketing jargon like the ‘elixir of life’ may be slightly nauseating but we can’t deny the truth about water. It’s the key to having refined pores, supple skin and flushing those toxins from your body. But there’s more – we’ve seen a surge in beauty products that stake their reputation on H2o’s healing properties. From face mists to makeup wipes, these are the formulas of thermal water skincare products that actually ‘work’.


    Jalue Ice Therapy

    The concept of cupping your orbital area with ice-cold spoons doused overnight in tea is nothing new, if not slightly sadistic. It’s also a no brainer that coldness brings down puffiness and adds a boost of oxygen as the skin vessels constrict and relax. Founder Jale Demirchi of her eponymous skincare line took that one step further, adding a bewitching sack of herbs including oak bark and chamomile, which aims to bring real benefits to the skin. Undeniably, half the allure of Jalue is the packaging – the silicon ice mould is uncanny to a Calypso lolly and just as orange. Those among us that favour slow beauty and the ritual of pampering will really love this. However, facialist Christina Bethany says that applying ice directly to sensitised or sensitive skin can actually be harmful. Don’t use on sunburns and if you have rosacea, wrap the ice in a muslin cloth.


    Amly Deep Reveal Nourishing Cleansing Balm & Mask

    ‘Miracle’ water been part of cultures worldwide, from the healing hot springs of Japan to the restorative power of the Nordic sea and now, aqua in our very own England. The story goes that the founders of sustainable beauty brand Amly purchased a farm house and had the water on the land tested for drinking safety. What they discovered is a deposit so potent in minerals that it actually improves the condition of your skin. Cue a line of face mists packed with said H2o packed with ‘bioactives’ – but also a beautiful cleansing balm. This is made with propolis, rosehip and seabuckthorn oil, and stored in a black glass jar to prevent the all-natural ingredients from deteriorating prematurely.


    Decorte Clean & Pure Refining Cleansing Cloths

    If I’m talking about a face wipe, you can bet it’s a good one. There was nothing more disgusting during my teen years than seeing friends remove a night out’s worth of gunky makeup, sweat and alcohol with a mingy Simple wipe. I’m slightly scarred. Decorte is an ultra-luxe Japanese beauty brand that’s exclusive to Selfridges and they’ve also nabbed Kate Moss as their global ambassador. Infused with thermal water, these are incredibly powerful and they don’t leave your skin feeling dry. Even better, you can see all the makeup soaked into the fibres, so you know you’re not just sliding foundation around your face. I first reached for these while filming my lipstick swatch videos and ever since, it’s been by my side whenever I film beauty for IGTV. If this can remove matte red pigment from cracked lips in seconds, I think it should count as the first step of a double cleanse. But never to be used alone… it is still a wipe.


    Uriage Eau Thermale Thermal Water

    Think Evian spray but with real benefits. I might have expressed before that face mists really baffle me. Am I just adding a layer of liquid for bacteria to latch onto? Can the ingredients actually penetrate through my SPF and reach my skin? Is spritzing myself making me look as high maintenance as I actually am? The only definitive answer I have to this is the last one and it’s a yes. Uriage is isotonic, which means that it doesn’t upset your skin as its compounds are compatible with that of your body. This also means that it can also enhance the delivery of active ingredients! If you thought the idea of miracle water was a gimmick, it might be time to think again when it comes to this £3 product.


    Let us know if you’ve tried any of these!

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    3rd September 2019
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