Is it fair to say that there’s a certain allure when it comes to Northernern Europe? The whimsically poignant Midsommer celebrations, the tales of miracle water and that intriguing sense of being one-with-nature. Whether or not we’re generalising, Lumene is one of the top beauty brands in Finland and its philosophy is just that. As it hits the UK market, it brings to our little island, a selection of vegan makeup-meets-skincare that is meant to enhance our complexion. Beauty writer and photographer, Alise reviews the Lumene Invisible Illumination collection.



    Instant Glow UV Primer

    I don’t know about you but I’m all about that natural no-makeup look. Especially during the summer months when, lets be honest, the last thing you want to do is have a full-face. Lumene’s Invisible Illumination range is perfect for a quick glow as part of your everyday makeup. I like to start with the Instant Glow UV Primer to prep my skin and help my make-up last the whole day. The best part about this primer? It contains SPF 30, which protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays. And as it’s likely we aren’t applying enough sunscreen by itself, layering protection is always a good idea. Despite the usual weightiness associated with sun cream, this product feels the opposite. Plus, it’s hydrating on the face and even after the first go, it replaced my previous go-to primers.


    Instant Glow Fresh Tint review


    Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint 

    One of the hero products of the Invisible Illumination range has to be the Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint that acts as a 24-hour moisturiser and a light foundation. This is where the brand’s skincare meets makeup really shines. The texture is like no other – the gel-like consistency glides onto the skin. It’s so blendable that you won’t even need a make-up brush, you can just work it in with your fingers (although Lumene does a great charcoal-infused foundation brush). Throughout the day, I felt my skin was properly hydrated and kept the nicest glow. The foundation comes in three colours, Universal Light to Universal Dark, which melds so well with most skin tones. Not to mention, it also makes buying the ‘correct’ shade online much easier – and the best part is you can mix and match between the pots if you’re looking to build up more coverage. I love the natural look that feels like you are wearing no make-up at all!


    Instant Glow Watercolor Bronzer 

    Cakey powders and beauty blenders are so 2018, it’s all about that ‘just returned from holiday’ look. Lumene’s Instant Glow Watercolor Bronzer comes in one universal shade, which can be layered for a more visible effect. You can also use it all over the face for that tanned glow. On days when you’re craving that extra radiance, I’d suggest the Instant Illuminizer to add that other dimension to your cheek and brow bones.


    Watercolour Blush (and palette)

    Talking about travel, the products come in jet-set friendly packaging that you can easily throw in your bag. For the last few weeks, when I’m rushing around London socialising or on shoots, I take the Nordic Glow Palette with me for touch-ups. This is similar to the creamy version of Lumene’s Watercolour blush and comes in three shades. The deepest tone is Pink Blossom, which adds a pop of pinky-red. The two lighter shades, Golden Twilight can be used as a sheer highlighter and Rosy Dawn acts as a glow-boosting illuminser and blush.


    Watercolour blush and bronzer Lumene

    About the brand

    When I first started the review, I questioned whether the lightness of the makeup would compromise its longevity. I have to say it past all the expectations. It lasts the whole day and rarely needs a touch-up at all! I love the natural approach that the Nordic beauty brand has taken. It strips away that pressure to mix cream with gel with powder with finishing spray, just so our photo-ready faces will hold for hours. Lumene’s Invisible Illumination formulas contain arctic spring water, which is low in mineral salts and has pH compatible with our own skin. They’re also particularly proud of the Vitamin C potency in cloudberries (that look like raspberries, contrary to its adorable name). This is a strong anti-oxidant and contains fatty acids, which our complexions need for protection. And while we know that 100% natural doesn’t necessarily equate to 100% brilliant, the brand prides itself on creating its range without ‘nasties’ like parabens or formaldehyde donors that can contribute to sensitisation. If there were ever a sustainable beauty brand to back, I think this would be my choice.

    Words and photograhy by @alisejane
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