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    It’s hemp oil, derived from the root or seed and it’s different to CBD oil. I was initially attracted to its benefits because of something in my culture that we call it ‘heatiness’ that I suffer from. The actual term for this is inflammation, which can occur internally, as well as on the surface of your body. So when I discovered the counteracting benefits of the hemp plant, I was an instant fan. And all the better for me, as hemp seed oil (which contains no cannaboids or THC) is taking off in the world of beauty. It’s been heralded for its other properties too, it’s anti-microbial which tackles some causes of acne, it soothes irritation and has long been used as a remedy for psoriasis and dermatitis. Leading the way is Urban Juve, a new skincare brand hailing from Canada that’s landed in the UK with a bang. It’s already scored a feature in British Vogue’s coveted September’s issue.

    As you readers might know, I’m a big fan of clinical skincare. Generally speaking, I find the ingredients to be more potent as its used by dermatologists and expert facialists. However, I’m always down for hearing about the latest in clean beauty, particularly if it’s pure substance and no-hype. Urban Juve is interestingly positioned as a wellness brand, leaning on the Ayurvedic principle that mind and body must be in harmony for a healthy life. Their products fall into three categories: Vitalize that targets dry skin types, Balance for those on the sensitive side and Align, which is tailored to oily complexions. With a face that swings wildly between dewy fresh and oil slick, I trialled the latter range. Read on for my review of Urban Juve hemp oil skincare products.

    Urban Juve hemp oil skincare review

    Anti-Aging Serum

    This powerful serum is Urban Juve’s hero product and the very same one you’ll find in the pages of Vogue. From scanning through the ingredients on the back, it’s not hard to see why. Sea buckthorn is fast becoming a key ingredient in green skincare, so start remembering the name! It’s a potent anti-oxidant, naturally contains vitamin A and is full of fatty acids, which protect your skin’s barrier against free radicals and helps in the renewal of your cells. Then there’s hemp seed and hemp root oil, that nourishes your skin and brings down inflammation. And what would a serum be without hyaluronic acid? The formula has a very strong scent, due to the frankincense and lavender oil. At first, this made me nervous because I had sensitised skin from travelling for over 13 hours. I also just had an intense session of non-ablative radio-frequency resurfacing, which meant my skin was shedding. I experienced no irritation and I really put this chic black bottle to the test by trialling it in a new, tropical climate.


    Align Face Moisturizer

    A little goes a long way with this tube of rich, herbal cream. Contrary to some beliefs, those of us with active sebum production do benefit from ‘heavier’ formulas. Hemp oil is antimicrobial, which means this moisturiser minimises chance of bacteria inducing pimples. Other heroes are sweet almond oil, jojoba oil whose structure is similar to the natural ones our skin produces, and helichrysum flower water. That fancy sounding component is packed with anti-oxidant nutrients. I like to use excess product on my hands and elbows – the texture is so comforting!


    Align Face Mist

    I’m 50/50 on face mists. Last summer I was devoted to my orange and neroli spritzer and it was the sole reason for my breakouts. I was told the reason this happened is because I was using a face mist to smell like I walked into a mythical apothecary. To be ‘good for you’, it has to contain beneficial ingredients for your skin (duh). The first thing I did when introduced to the Align face mist was forensically scan its ingredients and consult The Haute Heel’s skincare specialists. The verdict was very positive and this is where extraction methods play a great deal the efficacy of a product. The face mist contains peppermint water which is as refreshing as it sounds. Mint on the other hand, can be an irritant. The spray also contains glycerin and the AHA lactic acid.


    Align Daily Ritual Oil

    This is my personal favourite from the Urban Juve range. The Daily Ritual Oil contains hemp seed oil, which is not only an anti-oxidant (I feel many commercial ‘moisturisers’ are lacking this in their body products) but also traditionally used to treat dermatitis. Every so often, I suffer from patches of this which I attribute as a souvenir from my roaccutane days. The oil isn’t irritating to dry skin and best of all, non-greasy. This is ideal for people like me, who hate air-drying and want to be dressed ASAP. The brand’s Ayurvedic philosophy is about rejuvenation from the inside out and the aroma alone of the Ritual Oil gives me those tropical spa vibes.


    Lip Balm

    Urban Juve’s lip balm is one of those products I have a cult-status feeling about. It contains hemp root, hemp seed, castor and coconut oils with a peppermint finish. The Omega-3 oils are essential to nourishing the lips. Personally, I appreciate the unisex minimalist packaging. This is a no-frills product that I can imagine sitting in everyone’s pocket or bag in a few months.



    Check out Urban Juve’s range for your skin type here!

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    28th August 2019
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