Lion/ne is a skincare analysis service with innovative reporting – from how many days you need to exfoliate to when you need to use a particular product, everything is bespoke. This month, Lion/ne breaks down their top beauty essentials according to your holiday that are worth the coveted space in your teeny security bag.

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    We’ve all been there—the night before the trip you are trying to pick out what you really need to take in your carry on bag (since you weren’t willing to splash out on the extra ££ for hold luggage). We hate the feeling – it’s like someone is asking you to ‘rank your best friends’. And what’s worse, airport security has no time for your pleas: “But that Vitamin C serum brings up my UV protection to 96%!” Steve the bag checker clearly does not know that some of our favourite brands charge an astonishing amount for travel-sized heroes. For those of you unwilling to risk ‘accidentally’ leaving extra liquids in your bag, we’ve put together a guide on travel essentials for your skin and vacation type.


    The Ocean Getaway

    If you’re spending time on the beach and in the water, your priorities are SPF and hair essentials that will protect you from sun and sea. Here are our top picks for you:



    Undeniably, the most important product you need to bring with you when beach-travelling is your sunscreen! SPF should be your no.1 priority, either in your carry on or hold luggage. Please remember that your sunscreen ingredients need to be chosen according to where you are travelling! In fact, certain ingredients such as oxybenzone and octinoxate might be harmful for the ocean’s ecosystem. Check this post for environmentally-friendly options.



    Antioxidants help to boost your skin’s protection when being in the sun. This is why it’s essential to have something in your beauty arsenal that will fight free radicals. We advise that you to take your antioxidant serum to use at night instead of the morning because it ensures that your skin is fully protected for the upcoming day. Also, you want to avoid layering too much on your skin if you’ll be in the water or have a high sun exposure. For Ksenia, one of Lion/ne’s founders, her go-to antioxidant travel product is a Lixirskin’s vitamin C mask (which also doubles up as a cleanser). It can be applied in the morning before your sunscreen, et voila! You’re well protected for the day.



    If you need to protect your skin, you’ll need to take care of your hair. When skin burns, you see the effect within 20 minutes.  With hair, the damage can show up and last much longer (up to three days) and once this occurs, there is literally nothing you can do to reverse it. Bring a SPF mist that can be sprayed onto your hair or a protective oil. Ksenia’s favourite is Leonor Greyl’s Oil.


    The City Escape

    For those city escapes this summer, think of all those candid photos in quaint alleyways. Here are our top picks for keeping your hair and complexion 100 on your holiday.


    SPF (moisturiser + spray)

    This is the most important, so don’t think we’re going to drop it! This is the only product that can protect you from premature ageing. When travelling to a city, the easiest product to carry is a moisturiser that contains SPF of 30+. We also recommend you have an SPF mist to top-up on hand, as the SPF you apply in the morning won’t last until evening!



    Cities = pollution so this is as important in an urban environment as it is in the sunshine. The best way to combat this is with an antioxidant serum, we recommend the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum.



    Specifically, we’re talking about how you cleanse at night. It’s essential to remove all the impurities that our skin encounters throughout the day. Think about the pollution particles, the remaining SPF in your pores, sweat etc. Double cleanse your skin and for those of you with an oily texture, go a little bit deeper with a BHA exfoliant. This makes sure that excess sebum is removed.

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    The Detox Holiday

    There are times we just need to get away and not care about looking cute for the ‘gram. If digital detoxes, a bit of yoga and self-discovery is your thing, these are our recommendations.




    You’ll need this if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors but in order to allow your skin to breathe, go for a lightweight SPF!



    While unwinding from daily stress, you can focus more on your night routine to boost skin cell renewal and nourishment. Exfoliating your skin at night will help to enhance your natural ‘glow’ and make the best of that relaxing weekend away.



    By exfoliating the skin, you are inadvertently preparing it for the next product, so the serum you choose is important. Something hydrating and repairing will offer a quick pick-me-up for skin.



    A good moisturiser will help to seal the benefits of the previous products applied and ensure your skin receives all the necessary nutrients it needs to rest and recuperate overnight.


    The Instagram Vacation

    We don’t blame you, some holidays are ideal for creating content. In these situations, you might be able to nab a few spaces from your travel buddy’s bag. As long as you share, there’s no reason not to give that up, right?



    SPF Primer/Setting Spray

    Avoid that extra step by incorporating your SPF in to your make-up routine.  We like the Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF30, which is a great multitasker!



    You’ll already have your favourites that make you feel like you’re ready to conquer the world and the Instagram algorithm. But may we suggest Erborian CC Cream? It lends a natural glow and the best part is that it adjusts to your colour as you tan.


    Instagram worthy skincare

    We all like a nice shelfie on holiday and Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask not only looks good in the photo but also gives your skin extra hydration. Makeup will go on smoothly and skin will be satisfied!


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