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    Beauty disruptor Beauty Pie has not only made waves since it launched in 2016 but it continues to churn out great products. After getting my skin analysed at Lion/ne, a bespoke analysis brand based in London, I started focusing on fixing my skin barrier. Since re-hauling my regime, adding anti-oxidants and starting on the east-meets-west route with Beauty Pie’s Jeju range, my complexion has improved in big-time. In case you’re wondering, Jeju refers to a city in South Korea, famed for its natural wonders. 


    Jeju Daily Rehydration Mist+

    Working in London has severely dried out my skin. The long commutes, polluted air and fast-paced lifestyle means a fast-track pass to fine lines. One of the reasons I love this face mist is that it adds boosts of hydration throughout the day, with a dose of hyaluronic acid and glycerin. A little goes a long way, one spritz is close to drenching your face! As for the ingredients, it focuses on variations of Jeju goodies: jori, blossom, scutellaria bicalensis root extract and koyamaki, naturally contain anti-pollution properties. My only criticism here is the abundance of fragrance added to the mist, which somewhat counteracts the barrier-protecting properties of this on-the-go spray.


    Jeju Daily Multi-Phase Purifying Cleansing Milk

    This cleansing milk is creamy, dreamy and all round fabulous. Since trialling the product, I genuinely can’t imagine my life without it. Like the others in the range, this is made from Jeju cherry blossoms, bamboo grass, licorice-root extract and meadowfoam seed oil (the last one is a form of fatty acid, helpful in hydrating your skin). The rich texture helps to melt off your make-up in seconds and makes the often tediuous step of cleansing so much easier. Pair it with Beauty Pie’s fun konjac cloths for the ultimate deep clean. What I noticed right away, is that the milk didn’t leave my face feeling tight, like previous cleansers have done. The only issue I had with my new favourite face wash is the pump design, which is not travel friendly in the least. 


    Have you tried these products? Let us know what you think!


    Words and images by Jordine, @jordine

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    19th August 2019
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