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    INNOluxe FOAM treatment review

    It’s called INNOluxe and it’s been compared to the holy grail of haircare, Olaplex. The latest innovation is FOAM, a rebonding process that’s offered at Not Another Salon in Shoreditch. It’s one of the cult beauty places in the city that’s known for intense, bold dye jobs that look expensive. The secret seems to be this £30, one hour treatment. As a stand alone perk, it’s effective for reviving coloured and bleached hair. In fact, the more you do, the more results you’ll see. That’s not an invitation to transform your hair into all kinds of Disney colours, by the way. But to the ladies that still have their hearts set on ‘lighter for summer’, this is for you.


    INNOluxe review



    Typically, I straighten my hair almost everyday and blow dry it at home. As for colour, I’ll highlight it two to three times a year. You might have guessed that the texture is more on the frizzy side than sleek and glossy. Then there’s a certain limitation to what heat protection and treatment shampoos can do for you at home, after all they’re for maintenance not resurrection. INNOluxe is similar to the well-known Olaplex, in the sense that it rebuilds bonds that are broken or weakened by extreme heat or chemical damage. At the loud-and-proud Not Another Salon, my hair was pampered in two stages. After shampooing, the first treatment was applied onto wet locks. My hair stylist explained that the product penetrates the hair with cysteine, an amino acid, which works inside the hair to strengthen the protein bonds. This is what nearly 25% of our hair’s keratin is made of! FOAM is the lunch hour version of V2 (there’s also an at-home formula) – so it’s quicker, cleaner and more concentrated. After leaving this on for a mere five minutes, my hair was rinsed. The second treatment was the nourishing Platinum Mask (£21). It’s a blue toner that neutralises brassiness and orange pigments, while restoring shine to your mane.


    INNOluxe Not Another Salon


    It’s been nearly three weeks since the rainbow salon in the East gave my hair a boost of life with FOAM and the effects are still going strong!


    Not Another Salon

    188 Brick Lane

    E1 6SA



    Words and images by Emily Morgan @emilyalexmorgan

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