Let’s be honest, none of us want to be lugging around a heavy makeup bag for those touch ups. We are not and should not be about that life. Following the millennial call for superficially simplifying our lives, all hail the rise of multi-use products. In particular is my favourite, the balm. It has skincare meets makeup properties and is ideal for giving us that silky, dewy fresh-faced complexion. Here’s what I used to create the look in my latest IGTV beauty video. Watch for some minimal makeup ideas this summer.



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    Make Beauty Moonlight Primer

    Protects the skin from blue light and contains marine algae which combats environmental pollution and free radicals. I love how refreshing and hydrating this makeup product is – it contains glycerin which protects the skin barrier from moisture loss and acts similar to hyaluronic acid, drawing moisture to the surface to plump up your pores.


    Decorte AQ Radiant Glow Liquid Lifting Foundation

    The ideal consistency, the perfect level of translucency – even when it contains SPF. Albeit 25, which doesn’t say much for its longevity, the formula is graded PA +++ which gives an adequate level of protection. The packaging is also ultra-luxe, in case the video didn’t sell how blendable and soft the product is on the skin!


    Decorte AQ Tone Perfecting Cream Concealer

    You’ve heard of J-beauty but you’re yet to be won over by the makeup prowess. This video was the first time I tried this concealer and I was seriously impressed. Gone are the days I’m hunting about for a cakey, thick cover-up that makes my face look patchy or whitened. A little goes a long way with this wonder child from Decorte.


    Lumene Invisible Illumination Water Colour Blush in Rosy Dawn

    This is my favourite blush. I do love a little rouge but this one has won my heart. It gives you that flushed, ‘just had a breezy walk outdoors and now I have baby skin’ vibe. And it’s one of my favourites for July Beauty Buys on my IGTV. For optimum placement when applying, find that spot directly under your eye, along the axis of your nose tip.


    Sensai Bronzing Gel

    One of the most natural bronzing products out there. It’s especially wonderful for creating that ‘glow from within’ appearance. It’s extremely light in texture and buildable in colour. While I also love Chanel’s Soleil de Tan, this one from Sensai much easier to use all over or as a face-shaping product.


    Make Beauty Tinted Marine Salve in Flesh

    This is hands down the easiest product to love from Make Beauty. It is a truly moisturising lip balm but I’ve also used on on my cheeks. Here, I opted to blend it with a brown tinted balm to create a darker flesh tone for the eyelids. This would be too heavy to do day-to-day as the orbital area is very sensitive but for the occasional dewy look, I love this.


    Dr. PAW PAW Rich Mocha Multi-Purpose Balm

    I like my paw paw balms plain and almost medicinal. When I first tried the tinted versions from Dr.PAWPAW I wasn’t really sure what to do with them. The pigments are for real. I couldn’t just walk around with a glossy brown pout that made me look like I’d inhaled four eclairs! Then I discovered how versatile it could be as a makeup product, especially for that glass skin effect on the eyelids.


    Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Spectacular Volume Mascara

    If I could marry one mascara (I am notorious for my unfaithfulness to this type of product), it would be the Velvet Noir by Marc Jacobs Beauty. The fluffy, bold brush separates lashes and pulls them upwards. Sky high where they’re closer to reaching their dreams. Seeing is believing, just look how they make my camel-straight lashes curl towards hope and new life.

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    8th August 2019
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