Whenever anyone asked me what my best feature was, I’d always say my hair (actually, my toes are very photogenic but sharing this attracts the wrong crowd). So imagine the horror when my the state of my mental health started to show on my scalp. As much as you might tell yourself that you’re ok, your body has a wonderful way of letting you know it most definitely is not. Your hair is one of the last places to be impacted by your internal goings-on and a dandruff-prone scalp is the result. There is a distinct difference between a dry scalp, commonly a case of psoriasis and a seborrheic one, the latter being the main cause of unsightly flakes in your hair. As oil builds up in your hair, your scalp becomes inflammed. After this stage of irritation, it starts to shed.

    Hari’s Hairdressers on Fulham Road is the first to launch a CBD scalp treatment (£125). This branch in particular has a huge focus on botanicals, their vegan protein hair treatment is beautiful and lasts for weeks. This latest offering is headed up by Vanessa, a hair stylist that has a wealth of knowledge on CBD and works closely with the supplier, Spirit of Hemp. Lasting around 1.5h, you’ll really want to take the rest of the afternoon off. The level of relaxation I experienced after this has only ever been rivalled by that tropical paradise six hour spa treatment I had a few years ago. Picture this: you sip on hemp tea, accompanied by mint and lemon. Your scalp is soothed by a heavy lathering of raw coconut mixed with turpene-rich CBD and fragrant oils. It’s a combination that’s totally bespoke to the salon, and one you can bet I’m going to try to mimic at home whenever I can’t make it to South Kensington. After sitting under heat for 20-30 minutes, the formulation is washed out and ready for a blow dry.


    The result

    CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which I’ve seen first hand on bruising and particularly swollen pimples that decide to rear their red heads. So why shouldn’t it work on your scalp? Here, the skin is richer in blood vessels and extremely porous because of the follicles. Walking out of Hari’s, I felt like my scalp had gone to sleep after the month long tantrum it had thrown. I felt so comforted, this is unlike any ‘soothing’ hair treatment out there. For weeks I struggled with an itchy, aggravated scalp that was becoming increasingly difficult to control. Girl cannot live on dry shampoo alone! After this treatment, it was like a reset button. The following week, I had slight dandruff but nothing compared to what I had dealt with before. Yes, my hair still looked and felt oily but within reasonable periods, so I only had to wash it every two nights. Since then I have discovered a miracle shampoo and conditioner to maintain this amazing improvement, which I will share with you at a later date.

    On the topic of natural remedies, I asked Vanessa about ‘clean’ haircare and if this was preferable for irritated scalps. For those who are interested in this trend, she recommended L’Oreal’s PUREOLOGY range, specifically for volume. Vanessa explained that the shampoos out there that effectively combat grease completely strip your scalp. Instead, people should focus on products that increase volume, which makes your hair look fluffier and as consequence, fights against the oil that weighs it down.


    Hari’s Hairdressers

    88 Fulham Rd,

    SW3 6HR London

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    1st July 2019
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