With a heavy weight name of Marcia Kilgore behind the brand and all of those London underground posters, who hasn’t heard of Beauty Pie? The emerging brand focuses on the East-meets-West approach with a lot of its skincare. QI Energy: Qi in chinese (气) refers to the (energy) flow which must be balanced for optimum health. The four products in this range is inspired by the concept and designed to give your skin a brightening and hydrating boost. How did it fare? Find out in our Beauty Pie QI Energy review.

    Firstly, let’s talk packaging. With such a demand for sustainable products, I’m happy to say that this range scores well in that deparment. All the products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. All but one of the products come in a dark glass jar – which is great because it means you can reuse or recycle them later! I also noticed that the range contains a strong herbal smell, which may not be to everyone’s liking.



    QI Energy and Ginger Super Glow Serum 

     Beauty Pie’s Super Glow Serum is lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly without leaving residue. I used this twice daily, alongside the QI Energy Super Moisture Cream and with QI Energy Ginseng Sleep Mask at night. I found that in the morning, my skin consistently felt super bouncy and plump. The serum contains has detoxifying and anti-ageing properties – as it should for one of the more expensive products in the range at £50 (members pay around £10). However, despite the praises, it does contain fragrance. This is unnecessary for a serum, especially when it’s designed to be absorbed further into the skin than most other products. The limonene in particular, is commonly used for its scent. But citrus fruit derivation it has been known to be a mild skin irritant and potentially harmful when oxidised. This could explain why the Qi range is packaged in dark glass!



    QI Energy Ginseng Root Extract Super Moisture Cream

    A little goes a long way with this day cream. It is suitable for all skin types, however it’s geared towards those with problematic skin. The ingredients means that this will help to energise your skin, reduce the appearance of redness, fight against pollution and increase hydration. However, differentiating itself from the others in the range is the emphasis on ceramides, which are like the building blocks of your skin. They are fatty acids that protect the skin barrier against environmental factors and are responsible for holding moisture. There’s a reason this has been described as ‘acupuncture for your face’ on the website.

    Beauty Pie skincare review


    QI Energy Ginseng Sleep Mask

    Made in Switzerland, this overnight energy mask is an absolute marvel and brings your skin back to life. The texture glides onto your skin and like the rest of the range, it’s created with regenerative properties in mind. Beauty Pie claims this product has Circasynch technology, which means that the product specifically works best as your skin goes through the natural sleep cycle. Some hero ingredients that I love to see here is squalane for hydration and supporting the skin barrier, as well as sodium hyaluronate – a form of hyaluronic acid.


    QI Energy Ginseng Root & Ginger Brightening Eye Fix

    The ginseng root in this eye cream targets dark circles. It also aims to hide signs of puffy under eyes from those late nights catching up on memes (guilty!). Personally, I didn’t notice a difference in the darkness of my eyes. The ingredients list of this formula contains a great deal of alcohol, which is not ideal for a moisturiser that’s also used in such a sensitive area. Out of all of these, this is the one I’d give a miss. 


    About the brand

    The industry disruptor is modelled as a fully transparent business and members club. Those on the ‘inside’ pay cost price for products that are formulated in the same factories as the top skincare and makeup companies. However, there is a spending limit per month on how much you can buy, which depends on your tier of membership. Not only does this curb your beauty addiction but it also helps you to be more mindful about what you really need and use. Products have expiry dates, don’t forget! Non-members can still partake in the Beauty Pie empire. The catch is that they’ll pay the typical retail price for premium products, which are up to staggering 5x of the cost. 



    Have you tried this innovative brand? Let us know what you think @jordine / @thehauteheel

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