My skin has been a little all over the place recently. One minute I’m living my best unblemished life, the next I’m breaking out left, right and centre. Also, it doesn’t help that London’s air is full of pollution. What I’ve realised over time is that there isn’t a one product that can fix all of your skin problems. I’d fall into the dry with little sensitivity category and when it comes to rebalancing my skin, I’ve found that different products are needed at various times to help with the process. GLAMGLOW is a brand that every millennial has heard of – those bubbling facials, that iconic peel-off silver mask – if you haven’t tried any of their products before, your favourite Youtuber has. They pride themselves on ‘camera ready skin’, so the focus here is really on instant results rather than long term skin health. If you’re big on nights out, have an upcoming event (it is nearly wedding season) or love a good selfie session, why not? Read on for my review of the Hollywood brand’s range of masks.


    GLAMGLOW InstaMud review


    The INSTAMUD 60 second pore refining treatment is simple to use, just smooth (not rub) this into dry skin. Just a word of warning, the product pumps out quite quickly and when applying less is definitely more. As you probably guessed, it takes a minute for the foam to oxidise, which results in little bubbles alongside a slight tingling sensation. The fun part is that you can even hear it fizz (it reminded me of Rice Krispies- snap, crackle and pop)!  INSTAMUD is meant to target your skin texture, but as a wash off product, it doesn’t pack the hydrating properties needed to shrink pores. However I felt that helped to even out my skin tone. Micro bubbles have a natural exfoliating effect, which could have contributed to the natural and healthy looking appearance. All without the help of makeup. 



    This mask contains a blend of six AHA and BHA acids, activated charcoal and a clay specific to the brand that they’ve named K-17. What that actually means isn’t clear. GLAMGLOW’s SUPERMUD mask claims to draw out excess oil and impurities, without drying out your skin. Like most people, I often find my T-zone area is most prone to extra sebum, which is the cause of blackheads and whiteheads. 

    As the mask gets to work, you’ll notice small ‘dots’ appear as the day’s build-up of oil and dirt are absorbed from your pores. The wash-off formula takes about 20-25 minutes and I’ve noticed a reduction of blackheads over the course of two weeks, with regular use. For my complexion, this mask has helped to soothe redness, which is the benefit of certain types of clay. 



    Hands up if you’re guilty of not drinking enough water. Often, your body’s dehydration will show through your skin. One of my favourites in the GLAMGLOW mask arsenal is THIRSTYMUD. It has a a soft, buttery texture and I love it for that instant hit of hydration. This is something I’d bring along while travelling on a long-haul flight. As I suffer from dryness particularly on my cheeks and under my eyes, I focus on these areas; applying the product for 10-20 minutes before dabbing off the excess or massaging it into the skin. And for those times you have to fake being a morning person, this is a treatment that you can leave on overnight. 


    POWERMUD Dual Cleanse Treatment

    POWERMUD is a dual cleansing mask. It has become my go-to if I’ve had a crazy day at work or if I’ve been to the gym and my complexion needs a deep refresh. The clay mask contains light exfoliating texture, which doubles up as a kind of scrub. In keeping with GLAMGLOW’s signature effect, this cleanser has a cool tingling sensation that transforms into an oil as you massage it into the skin with water. 


    FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment

    This is a brightening treatment that aims to give us that luminous skin that we strive for. It contains a light dose of salicylic and lactic acid, which are known to target blemishes and exfoliate the skin, encouraging healthier skin cell turnover. My recommendation is that to get its full effect, use it three days in a row, then two to three times a week. It wasn’t until continuous use of this product that I began to get compliments from friends about my radiance. Someone even asked if I was pregnant – for the record, I am not!



    Of all of GLAMGLOW’s hyped products, I was most excited about trying Gravitymud. After seeing all those peeling videos on Instagram, I had so many questions: could this give me a 30 minute face lift? The LA beauty label’s answer to a perky complexion is this firming mask that targets your skin’s firmness and elasticity. The formula starts white and develops into a silver chrome after 30 minutes. FYI this is a peeling mask so avoid contact with your brows and hairline! And in case you’re wondering, yes it does peel off easily and it is so satisfying to play with. Initially, I was disappointed that I didn’t see immediate results but the next morning my skin felt bouncy. Keep in mind, this is the product that has also been launched in Sonic Blue and as three types of glitter, in collaborating with My Little Pony – it’s more fun than it is effective. 


    GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturiser

    This is one interesting product and perhaps GLAMGLOW’s foray into a future makeup line? The moisturiser contains hyaluronic acid, green tea and golden root… but it’s also pearlised. Upon application, it blends smoothly and helps even out skin tone, blurring imperfections – just as a primer would. There are three ‘glow’ options, including Nude Glow and Sun Glow. As you might’ve expected, I have been using this as the final step in my skincare routine before applying makeup. 


    GLAMGLOW mask set review

    GlamGlow Glow Essentials: Mask & Moisture

    The pack contains almost all the masks and moisturiser that I’ve reviewed. They’re in travel friendly tubes that can be mixed and matched (even simultaneously, for different areas of your face). It’s a great introduction to the range, especially if you’re unsure about what works for you.

    • SUPERMUD (20g)
    • Gravitymud (10g)
    • Thirstymud (10g)
    • Powermud (10g)
    • Flashmud (10g)
    • Glowstarter moisturiser (15ml)


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    Words and images by Jordine 

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