Summer Fridays is one of the most Instagram-friendly beauty brands on the planet. Headed by Lauren Gores and Marianna Hewitt, the ‘clean’ company has just launched in the UK where they’re exclusively stocked at Selfridges.

    The brand is far more than an influencer project gone viral, the third offering is the skin softening R+R mask in a signature minimalist tube. It’s the priciest mask yet and directed for use after cleansing. Instructions say to leave on for 10 minutes, then gently wash off and leave the residual oils on your face.

    If this were a high school cliche, it would win Prom Queen – squeeze and you’ll see clear jelly sprinkled with fragments of rose. It is truly one of the prettiest things, inside and out. However, you know as much as I that appearances aren’t everything. The texture and scent, which is supposed to be ‘natural’ Bulgarian Rose, is delightful. But the particles of powdered petal are a little confusing. I’m not a fan of physical exfoliants and the floral bits are way too large to truly do anything anyway. In an effort to stay a mask, it’s really over-exerting itself. R+R’s main aim is to hydrate with a variety of oils, – some are okay (argan oil), while others are not so great (vegetable oil). Even with this, I’m not convinced as the act of washing it off afterwards doesn’t make sense – it’s not a cleanser. I mean, have you ever washed off a face oil in order to moisturise? Despite my criticisms, I wouldn’t shoot this product down completely. It really is lovely even if it’s not going to replace any of your face oils or sheet masks in the future.

    Summer Fridays rose mask


    What this product could do is be your midday skincare go-to. Heading to the gym at lunch? Coming back from the beach in the afternoon? Redoing your makeup before your dinner date? Our skin doesn’t need a constant bombardment of vitamins from serums and potent moisturisers. Like the body, it absorbs what it needs, so doing your full routine in the morning and night is enough. Cue the R+R mask which steps in for a quick layer of hydration and a feel-good fragrance. Whether it’s worth the price, it’s really up to you because I know that this review won’t deter any Summer Fridays fans. However, if you’re choosing from which of the trio to get, hands down it has got to be the Jetlag Mask.


    Have you tried this mask? Let me know your thoughts on my Instagram @fleurandrea.

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    22nd June 2019
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