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    Overheard in Abbott Kinney: “yeah, I’ve just spent two hours in the crystal shop with the kids,” and “that would look so good at Coachella”. As they say, if you can’t beat them join them. Jokes aside, the luxe hipster shopping area really is for everyone. And by everyone I mean those of us that love the sunshine, boutiques, an abundance of dogs willing to be petted and their owners that allow you to live out your dreams. Although you’ll find your usual premium favourites like Aesop, this guide really focuses on the best shops on Abbot Kinney that is hard to find anywhere else. Browse cute gifts in lifestyle havens and find chic apparel for your new Cali-approved wardrobe. So in no particular order, here are the top seven stores:


    1. Flannel

    This isn’t a Cali native but Flannel is an Aussie brand worth investigating if you’re shopping on the boulevard. Their colour palette is all about muted pastels, denim and the basic black silks that every stylish closet demands. The price point is on the luxury side but these essentials are designed to be loved for life. And we all know a jumper or cardi over a slip dress transcends time!

    Abbot Kinney boutiques



    1223 Abbot Kinney Blvd


    2. Dosist

    Yes, that’s the up-market cannabis shop that’s also the hero image of this article. Featuring a relaxation garden and a team of knowledgable CBD enthusiasts, even if you’ve never heard of a vape pen, you’ll soon be converted. The shop is laid out akin to a pharmacy because the aim is to draw people away from painkillers (there’s a big problem with opioid addiction in the US) and towards more natural solutions. Read more about why you should consider this lifestyle product in this post.


    1423 Abbot Kinney Blvd


    3. Enze

    The Med meets Los Angeles. There is nothing in this store that won’t transport you to an even sunnier land with more sea views and tanner sunbathers sipping on fresh lemonade. This high-end boutique stocks emerging designers and some better known names like Mehry Mu and Sessun. You can expect larger price tags here, where most things will start from $200 upwards. Silhouettes are feminine, bold and colours are bright or white. They don’t have a dog but there’s a parrot.


    Abbot Kinney shops EnzeEnze boutique Abbot Kinney



    1507 Abbot Kinney Blvd


    4. Ryu

    Contrary to what Pretty Woman will have you believe, leggings are the number one clothing type here. Not big hats and sun dresses. Ryu brings futurism to the world of luxury sportswear. If you ever imagined yourself doing yoga on a spaceship en route to a new satellite state, this is exactly who would be sponsoring everyone’s outfits. Specialising in basics, everything here can be worn from casual Friday to spin class to dinner. The best thing is that you can bring your boyfriend shopping and he won’t be bored. The menswear selection is as good as women’s and they have a unisex selection too. Did I mention, there’s also a chihuahua.



    1130 Abbot Kinney Blvd


    5. Burro

    This is a one-stop lifestyle haven and Burro even has a boutique for your little ones! The primary focus are knick knacks for the home: pretty stationery, dainty jewellery and coffee table books. Once inside, there’s a warm ambience that just makes you want to brew your own kombucha. For UK dwellers, the wares and aesthetic is similar to Oliver Bonas but the independent vibe makes it feel a lot more personal.

    Burro lifestyle boutique Abbot Kinney



    1409 Abbot Kinney Blvd


    6. Alternative Apparel

    Cali residents know all about Alternative, which sells ‘eco jersey’ basics, like hoodies and t-shirts. I’ve added this to the list of best boutiques in Abbot Kinney because it’s definitely worth stocking up here. Styles have a relaxed vintage feel to them and can best be described as a sustainably made, adult version of Brandy Melville. That is a compliment, believe it or not. The USP, aside from use of organic materials and commitment to social justice – including fair working conditions and recyclable packaging – is that everything is incredibly soft. Like bury your face in a baby alpaca soft. The prices are also a steal (around $10-$70USD), which is rare for a label that puts so much emphasis on doing everything the clean and green way!

    Alternative LA clothing Abbot Kinney

    Alternative Apparel

    1337 Abbot Kinney Blvd


    7. Principessa

    Imagine a bohemian nomad fairy gifted you a wardrobe that any festival goer would envy. The unique and eclectic aesthetic here is precisely why this is one of the most essential boutiques to visit and one of the best shops on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Here you’ll find the latest season buys from brands like For Love and Lemons, a whole collection of wacky sunglasses that Elton John would be proud of and a truly impressive collection of swimwear that has something for everyone. This place does not disappoint and the price tags vary wildly, but you’re sure to find designer and affordable vintage under one roof. I spotted a fringed Western-style suede jacket with bead detailing for just $200.

    must visit boutiques LA

    Principessa best LA boutiques


    1323 Abbot Kinney Blvd

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