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    When we think of cannabis, we think of the time we ate ‘special egg’ and had to sit in a dark house with sunglasses on, while the roast dinner went up in flames. Or maybe that’s just me (it is just me). But times have changed since most of us were teenagers and cannaboid derivatives are making firm waves in mainstream lifestyle and beauty – even in countries like the UK, where CBD is still associated with marijuana and ‘getting high’. Find out which are the best cannabis lifestyle products on the market and their uses in this post.

    There’s a difference between hemp oil, cannabidiol (known as CBD) and the kind you find at ‘coffee shops’ in Amsterdam, which usually contains high dosages of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). I mean, it was only a few months ago that I was buying CBD for my dog’s anxiety, definitely something I didn’t expect my grandparents to understand – yet they do.

    Then there’s hemp, which has long been part of the production of clothing, milk and industrial products. The oil is derived from the Sativa seed and has risen in popularity for its superfood properties, although it’ll still take some convincing for me to order it in my almond milk smoothie (it has a distinct grassy taste). I am however, much more receptive to using it in products such as Kiehl’s herbal concentrate, and I’ve been using to rebalance my skin after a recent long haul flight from Los Angeles. Targetted at the blemish prone among us, it’s the ideal face oil even for combination complexions.

    First of all, I love that something mainstream is breaking down the misconception that oils shouldn’t be used on those with hyperactive sebum production. It’s especially significant for an apothecary brand to do so, because it really harks on the point that it’s a naturally occurring, anti-inflammatory antioxidant. In recent years, there have been far greater focus on skincare tailored to sensitive skin, especially due to pollution that many of us experience daily. It’s most certainly fulfilling a demand that was previously supplied by good marketing and little substance. Second, it signals that there’ll be more education around the use of Cannabis plant products, breaking down misconceptions that all of it gets you stoned. I don’t want people thinking that I regularly drug my Labrador and that Amazon is freely facilitating this.

    Dosist Abbott Kinney review
    Dosist, Abbott Kinney

    Cannabis feature The Haute Heel blog

    Speaking of LA, the change in cannabis regulation has triggered a range of high-end shops or should I say, ‘dispensaries’ to pop up all over California. In the popular shopping district of Abbott Kinney, there are two stand alone stores in one stretch – Dosist and MedMen. You can’t miss them, I mean they have the budget for highway billboards and promotional building wraps. The first offers stylish vapes that deliver micro dosages of 2.25mg (enough for 5″1 me to feel very, very mellow) and look like plastic tampons. They even vibrate to let you know you’ve had enough, so you can have complete control over your usage. The pens have various ratios of THC to CBD, influencing how much you feel the effects mentally or physically, and other natural ingredients that aid in achieving one of the five specific results: sleep, pain relief, passion, bliss and arouse. The second has way more of a university student feel, with fridges full of CBD sodas and shelves stacked with candies (mostly around 10mg per piece). MedMen also offers chocolate truffles and dainty biscuits, if you’re looking for a gift for your partner’s parents. But you’ll have to keep it within certain states, at least until the majority of the world catches on to this as a must-have lifestyle ingredient.

    Cannabis drinks MedMen
    MedMen, Abbott Kinney

    MedMen cannabis edibles

    Luckily for Europe, The Chillery, a CBD retailer has launched this year. While regulations vary across state lines and internationally, all of their products are compliant. Similar to Dosist, their categories are aimed at specific things, like beauty, sleep, pain relief, intimacy and stress. Although due to the nature of CBD, some products cross over. Take the Kiki Health CBD oil that comes in 5% and 10%. After trying it first hand, I feel is one of the best cannabis lifestyle products on the market. Not only does it numb bruising and act as an anti-inflammatory (my godmum tried this out on an injury and she was amazed) but it’s also a natural sleep aid. Marisa Schwab, founder of the website recommends up to five drops of the 5% oil under the tongue; where the sublingual glands under the tongue is quicker to absorb than ingestion. With developments like these in the cannaboid landscape, fingers crossed that we’re headed for a more mindful, educated and calmer future.



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    Do you used CBD or hemp oil products as part of your lifestyle?

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