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    Septime restaurant review

    Any foodie in Paris knows Septime, the mother restaurant of seafood heaven, Clamato. While I haven’t had the chance to feast at the second, I’ve definitely dined visually (not as satisfying but definitely less calories) via social media and it’s on the list for my next trip across the Channel. This post is about the rustic little haven at which we managed to get a prized table. The atmosphere and service is considerably relaxed for Paris and for semi-casual fine dining, no mean feat considering it’s on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. It feels like entering the kitchen of that friend who owns a gorgeous house because they had a high-paying corporate job but have dashed it all away in favour of a life of growing their own vegetables and breeding chickens. I don’t personally know anyone like this but readers might and anyway, you get the idea.


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    I’m just going to say it, Septime reminds me of Dabbous’s Hide in London: extensive waiting list for dinner, a whole we-love-mother-earth vibe and an emphasis on greenery. But dare I say it – I much prefer this version. It’s pared back and there’s a lovely synergy between aesthetics and the humble cooking style, I’m convinced this is truly the ethos and not simply a trend. Not only that but my meal at Septime was incredibly memorable, whereas Hide was more of an expensive tick on a foodie checklist. Unrequested comparisons aside (as it is the thief of joy and for many joy is food), the restaurant operates on a four course tasting menu policy (€43), where you are relieved from the choice of what to eat. By the way, everything is good. You only need choose between two main courses and if you’ll be having the wine pairing (€38). Of course, you may order your tipple by the glass.

    This dining room served up one of the best dishes from my entire trip to the City of Lights. It’s a shame that it’s unlikely they will have this again as they practice micro seasonality with it comes to their ingredients but just so I leave you adequate food envy, it was miso squid, layered with slithers of lard. You’re either grimacing right now or your stomach’s just rumbled. However, I can guarantee if this ever passes your lips you’ll adore it – the silky noodle-like texture of the seafood, the fragrant butter and of course, the fattiness that gives that ultimate dash of umami. It’s like protein pasta. Just a little description to whet your appetite for this precious eatery.



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    80 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris

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