Mimi is back. Oddly enough, despite being so invested in this character since early last year, I’ve never really thought about her persona. I had this idea that when others don a wig, basically transforming themselves into an alter ego or an amplified aspect of themselves, they gain a certain kind of confidence. I’m not so sure that’s the case with Mimi. Forgive me for getting too deep, I know this essentially a shopping post but hear me out: When I first took Mimi out in public, it was during a shoot at a hotel. The first time concierge saw me as my normal self, they were as polite as expected and accommodating. But when Mimi showed up asking a simple question, the mood changed drastically because I’m pretty damn sure that they thought I was a prostitute. I mean, that she was.

    Last month, I decided to paint a portrait of Mimi (yes, I’m aware it still counts as a self portrait) and somehow my mother convinced me to do a live demonstration at her country club. The way people spoke about her was really as if we were separate people and it was strange that they really didn’t recognise me from the photo.



    Streetstyle London Fashion Week

    Not everyone’s reaction was what I reacted to as gross and creepy but some people giggled nervously and described her as ‘sexy’, but in a dirty way, with a hint of discomfort. I’m pretty sure they haven’t seen Natalie Portman in Closer but even if that was your only reference to artificially coloured rosy follicles, what is it about transforming your appearance that stirs people to talk? Like, I get that 40-70 year olds at a member’s club isn’t exactly my demographic but it was an interesting perspective to experience.


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    Mimi isn’t meant to be sexy. She’s a quiet part of me that has no voice. She only appears for shoots, so in some ways Mimi was created to be seen and contextualised, but within my context. Maybe she doesn’t have a voice because there’s so much noise caused by other people around what she represents that she can’t hear her own. And that’s where the clothes come in.


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    Andrea Cheong Mimi London Fashion Week 2019


    Temperley London jacket via The Shop At Bluebird | Dior bag and sunglasses* (gifted) | TOD’s shoes (gifted)

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    25th February 2019
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