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    Lesson one of adulting: create new traditions.

    There’s no better time to put this into practice than this season of holidays and celebrations. This year, I’m spending Christmas alone. It’s no one’s fault really, it’s just how the logistics worked out and if you don’t have a big family, it’s a lot easier to do than you’d think. Somehow, I didn’t quite mind so much because for me, the festivities came early. The Farfetch Christmas Event last week was filled with the loveliest girls, some of whom I gladly call my friends. And with all the fun activities like flower arranging, dressing up with a full glam team, a roast feast and sipping a zesty mulled wine by a lake, it felt like I was creating my own customs. Next year has its standards set high.

    Now, I could’ve made this a generic post about all the cute things we did but I’m going to run with the whole idea of ‘new traditions’ and tell you all about what Mrs Claus gets up to when her husband stays at the office late… again. This editorial was shot on the grounds of Heckfield Place, the ideal winter getaway for the Claus family.


    A fashionable day in the life of Mrs Claus


    Mrs Claus wakes up with a teeny tiny mulled wine hangover. Or was it brandy. She doesn’t remember and also doesn’t care. It’s time for a shower and of course she she does so in Rixo London, no less. Also, only elves take their sunglasses off in the bath. She’s keeping hers on, thank you very much. They’re like, designer.

    Farfetch Rixo London party wear


    It was a disaster trying to find anything to wear, especially this time of the year when all the housewives of the reindeer wranglers had pillaged the Shop of Festivities, while Mrs. Claus was busy formulating a new cranberry sauce recipe. Life is hard when your husband is famous, super old and has diabetes but can’t lay off the sugar. She has no ambition to take over his round-the-world-commute so she’s got to have him fit for the job for as long as possible.

    What to wear today? Lucky for her, 90 minutes delivery from to Lapland (aka England in the winter), and she’s head to toe dazzling in a sequin gown from Temperley London. Shame Mr. Claus wasn’t around to admire her. She decides to walk the grounds of her holiday home, lest the Ghost of Christmas Present happened to be up and about. He was previously voted ‘too hot for Winter Wonderland’ when he graduated in 2010.

    black tie dresses Farfetch

    full length party dresses Farfetch




    After a light lunch of seasonal salads and roast beef, Mrs Claus tries to ring her husband. It goes to voicemail, followed by a text saying: I’ll be home for dinner.

    “How long does is it to make toys when you can order everything online for next day delivery, Santa?” She grumbles to herself as flashbacks from the night before strike her temples harder than a migraine. She winces as she remembers she placed an order for half a dozen reindeer calves from Rudolph’s breeder – may he rest in peace – and she has nowhere to hide them. There’s nothing that annoys her husband more than having to train a whole new batch of mischievous sleigh-pullers. This is why he’s rented huskies for the 2018 job next week, not that they have the same ring to it as ‘a one horse open sleigh’.



    Mrs Claus makes her way over to the sunhouse for a spot of flower arrangement. Nothing is as soothing has hacking down some fir trees but she couldn’t be seen doing that in her new outfit, so hand tied roses and chrysanthemums it would be.

    Farfetch Christmas event

    Farfetch Christmas flower arrangement




    None of the elves bothered to get the door. This is what happens when you announce there will be no Christmas bonus before the busiest time of the year. Mrs Claus puts down her pruning scissors and makes her way to the door. “Omg, I totally forgot I agreed to do this workshop last night”, she thinks to herself as she puts on her best smile and lets her guests inside. Decked in denim aprons, they bring out a great iron press and sheaths of twinkling foils in gold and silver. It’s all come flooding back to her – she was about to personalise some leather luggage tags!


    Farfetch embossing workshop

    Farfetch event 2018


    Rixo sequin dress



    Mrs Claus was feeling nostalgic. What happened to the days as a young woman, newly married to Santa or as she used to call him back then, Nick, when Christmas was a time to spend with loved ones? For too long she’d lost sight of that and had been drowning her loneliness in endless parties – people get unreasonably jealous when they find out you have a six storey igloo as a summer home – and one year, a few too many minced pies. Then when Prancer and Blixen retired to spend more time with their grandkids, there was a great deal of reshuffling and since then nothing was the same.

    Right there and then, she decided to have a serious conversation with Santa when he came home. She would tell him that this year, they were to dress up but not for anyone else – for themselves. They were going to simplify things and cut out all the unnecessary extravagant over-gifting. She wanted a return to what the real essence of what the holiday season was all about. But no, she was not going to mention the incoming reindeer babies or her glitzy new purchases. That was for a future conversation, perhaps in March next year. What was the point of giving up her new wardrobe and furry companions? It’s Christmas after all!

    Christmas party wear

    occasionwear New Years outfits






    going out dresses Christmas


    Merry Christmas everyone! 

    Rixo London Farfetch dress


    Shop my Farfetch holiday party edit


    Enjoy some throwbacks from Mrs Claus’s photo album…

    Farfetch Christmas 2018 Flowerbx event

    Farfetch Christmas 2018 Flowerbx class

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