It seems that around this time of the year, we hear the calls of the death of the high street. It’s as guaranteed as Selfridges putting up their Christmas shop four months ahead of the season. Even though mewspapers often hark on about dying businesses that we all thought were too big to fail’, like some kind of omen to retailers, I can’t help but think it’s some kind of Christmas shopping propaganda. Like, “don’t forget where you can go to buy that vacuum cleaner your mum wants!”. It’s interesting that in the UK – a region that isn’t typically ‘internet-friendly’ compared to some parts of the world – many of us are turning to online stores, especially during sale periods like Black Friday. What the naysayers make me think about, is how consumers love the idea of locality and unique brands but ultimately favour convenience and uniqueness. Where can you find all of this in one marketplace? Etsy! (I swear this is not an ad). In this post I’ve collected a couple of favourite shops to browse for interiors and jewellery. These are the five trending Etsy brands you need to know and bear in mind for gifting season!

    Datka jewellery

    I stumbled across this Etsy shop while on one of those never-ending Instagram stalking sessions that led me down endless rabbit holes until I ended up in this haven of beaded, gold and semi-precious handmade jewellery. I didn’t have to think twice to snap up some of the accessories here. Shells and baroque style pearl earrings are still going strong and are classics in their own right, so if you’re planning any getaways to warmer places this winter, treat yourself to some of her affordable adornments.


    Ende Ceramics

    Ende makes breathtaking ceramics in some of the most whimsical, luxe designs, like a gold dolls head cup or surrealist ‘melting’ coffee mugs. Both of which I own and I declare are too pretty to use for actual consumption (I’m terrified of tea stains on that perfectly white porcelain). However, it’s a must-have if you love entertaining at home and showing off your excellent taste or if you’re friends with one of those people that have everything because it’s likely they won’t have anything like this. As a side note, some of these products do come a little on the small side, so check the measurements.

    Madam Magpie Vintage

    All the mid-century dreams you could ever have are at Madam Magpie’s. This shop sells vintage furniture like rattan chairs and beautifully preserved wood sideboards at reasonable prices. A lovely touch if you’re looking to add some charm into a predominantly Ikea starter-home. Throw in some foliage and simple line art and you’ve got yourself the ultimate minimalist millennial decor.


    Willa Skye Home

    Who wouldn’t want to live in a Pinterest feed? Willa Skye has the prettiest soft furnishings around and at accessible prices that rival any bougie design hotel or Instagrammable restaurant out there. My favourites are the palms print, pastel velvet stripes and the bold animal prints. Cushions are the most affordable way to make a statement in a room and these are so hard to resist.


    Haus and Home LA

    Delia Hauser of this adorable eponymous Etsy gem is the creator of one of the most covetable textile trends out there. Think colourful, bombastic, heavily textured cushions that no one else will have (and are cheaper than Anthropologie). Or if you’re already pondering Christmas and stocking fillers, take a look at her unique handmade soft baubles with sequins and beads, which are chic and rustic at the same time. Who doesn’t want a plush llama hanging on their tree this year?


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    27th November 2018
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