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    Sniph luxury perfume service

    Most of us have already heard of a ‘fragrance wardrobe’, which in case you haven’t, essentially means a selection of scents for different occasions. Just as you would an outfit. The problem beauty lovers face is that there are really only three mainstream options: either you slowly collect fragrances, which take months if not years to get through or you end up with a handful of samples that you have to beg sales assistants to give you (will have to investigate at a later date why they are so stingy with these). Sure it’s convenient and free but these don’t look good and are worth like, six spritzes apiece. In light of this, brands have come out with collections of travel-friendly bottles – but then you’re only sampling what one company has to offer. If you thought fragrance wardrobes were expensive to put together, you’re right because with these methods they can be, particularly if you’re like me and prefer lesser-known, quality perfume houses.

    I’ve been working with Sniph for a while now; they’re a curated scent discovery service that slips subscription packages straight through your letterbox every month. They’re changing the way that we approach a typically luxury item like fragrance and shaping it for modern consumer needs. It’s compact and chic and you won’t even notice the cost when it ranges from £9-14 a month, depending on the collection. I’ve found that our generation loves to explore new things and we’re also conscious of what we use daily.


    best perfume subscriptions

    This is ideal because with every package comes an info card with the notes and description of your latest pick. To find what your preferences are, you take a Buzzfeed-style quiz (always fun) on their website that gives Sniph an idea of what to send. You can rate each fragrance you receive to really tailor your taste and if you find one you adore, you get a discount off the full-sized product!

    The interesting thing about this is that I believed, or more so liked to believe, that I have a really edgy taste when it comes to fragrance. I love oud, musk and traditionally masculine scents. Oh, and packaging really matters to me. But then I sampled the six collections that Sniph has put together and realised that each time, I gravitate towards their Female Classics but I also love the bottles from the Aesthetic range, which is a lot more unisex. Miller Harris’s Rose Silence reminds me of my trip to Evian Les Bains, precisely because I used it to freshen up before meals and in between shoots. So after about four months of collaborating with Sniph, I’ve accumulated enough to pop one in each of my different bags to suit my style, time of day and even travel. There are also two colours for the packaging, a matte pinky colour and a black one, which as you may have guessed, I use to categorise my ‘day and night’ fragrances.


    Sniph luxury subscription fragrance

    travel sized luxury perfume


    The London blogger event

    Sniph is a Swedish startup that first made their grand entrance to the UK market with a pop up at Harvey Nichols this summer. I was lucky enough to co-host their influencer event at Farmstand, an all-natural plant based restaurant in Covent Garden. All gathered about a cozy table, adorned with autumnal flowers from Bloom & Wild, a friendship-changing event occurred over a ginormous serving plate of broccoli and sweet potato. Split into two teams, Sniph put our olfactory skills put to the test, as we attempted to match perfumes to their note cards. There was competition, minor injuries (okay, it was just me and you might have caught it on Stories) and in the end it turns out, none of the teams were very any good at deciphering smells. Thank God for the scent cards. And I’m not sure why I’m surprised but as always, my favourite out of the six that we blind-tested turned out to be the Female Classics, which is Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa this month.

    Sniph curated perfume service

    Sniph in London

    Sniph luxury scent discovery

    influencer Sniph event at Farmstand in London

    @purpurpurpur at the Sniph event

    millennial luxury

    subscription perfume service
    Testing it out on @kellielbaldwin because scents develop differently on skin!

    Sniph perfumes London

    perfume startup Sniph


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