I’ve been looking forward to do a Floral by Lima review – even before I tried this sister restaurant to the original Michelin starred Peruvian restaurant on Charlotte Street. This cuisine has taken the spotlight with the likes of acclaimed restaurants Andina, Pachamama and Chicama joining the club. And what’s not to love about the ingenious use of land, earth and sea with lots of fresh exotic flavours and textures?

        My dining experience at Floral by Lima was slightly different, I went there and tried every raw dish on the menu rather than building my own tapas-style feast. Now you either love raw fish or you don’t, and if you don’t have any ethical or medical reasons against it, I implore you to give their ceviche a try. Anything less would be a discredit to your taste buds (and am I allowed to add personal development?). When I say I ordered everything that was raw, that’s not an exaggeration. Highlights from that section of the menu is the sea bream ceviche that swims in tiger’s milk and astringent, incredibly appetising juices (£9). I’m unashamed to admit that I mopped up every drop of it. In times of need, forks can also become semi-efficient spoons. While raw salmon is a crowd pleaser, branch out and opt for the scallops tiradito (£12) which is succulent and finely sliced, topped off with crispy fried squid and all of that fishiness cut with the floral physalis fruit. Another highlight was the beef tartare (£11). I did not expect it to be this good. I mean, how many ways can you reinvent the dish while keeping it true to its classical core? Go to Lima Floral and find out for yourself. Served with whipped tart and pungent goat cheese, fresh of course, and crispy potato cakes, it’s the best rendition I’ve ever tried.

        Evita at Floral by Lima

        Choose a refreshing aperitif from their cocktail menu as you await your order – the light and refreshing Evita (£9), is a concoction of passion fruit and mango, fluffy foam and a fragrant hint of rose syrup. All held together by vanilla pisco and prosecco. Overall, I think I prefer the younger sibling on the edge of Floral Street – it’s prettier and while the menus are similar, the dishes are simpler and punchy. Plus the staff are extremely friendly and despite it only getting busier towards the 9pm mark, they always had time to attend to the table.

        I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t go.


        Floral by Lima

        14 Garrick Street
        Covent Garden
        WC2E 9BJ

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