Happy shopping in this edit of the best shell jewellery pieces that are taking Instagram by storm!


        accessories in the hero image: Tohum Natural Large Pukka Shell Necklace with Gold Shell £222.08 | Tohum Natural Pukka Shell Earrings Gold £268.95 | Tohum Small Pukka Shell Bracelet in Gold with Large Silver Shell £186.36


        Seashell jewellery may remind you of surfer guys from the late 90’s, but they’re back in a big way this summer. The trend is emerging on the Instagram feeds of trendsetters from all over the world, and has been seen in popular variations such as the conch and coffee bean trivia shells. It’s also been given a major update. Lacquered in silver or gold, all of us can find our ideal piece to fit our style, from bracelets to rings and the most in demand – necklaces. Here’s a tip, swapping out a few of those layered gold coin chains that were all the rage this spring, for one of these must-have accessories, is the affordable way to update your jewellery collection. And get a hit of those mermaid vibes, because we all want those mermaid vibes.



        If you’re big on styling, try out a shell motif brooch to glam up your bikini or hold your sarong in place. Another favourite of mine are the starfish earrings, while not strictly a piece of ‘shell jewellery’, it reminds me of teen movie Aquamarine and is a less boho and slightly more elegant alternative to the others.


        You know what else is trending? Leopard print. Check out the different ways to wear it here.




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        13th August 2018
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