How to wear leopard print and where to buy it

        It’s official, that infamous feline print is back on trend and likely to be spotted all over Fashion Month in a few week’s time. Undeniably bold, it’s a print that exudes confidence and is often off-putting to the more conservative dressers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a look at the different ways to rock this evergreen trend that’s enjoying the limelight this season.



        Think the 80’s and Dynasty, think the Spice Girls… but all without looking like you really are going to a costume party. It’s all about paring down the garishness and allowing beautiful silhouettes, slinky slips and a little sheerness to do the talking. Contrary to being glamorous, the key is really in simplicity.



        The Kate Moss Look

        I dare you to think of someone who pulls off leopard print as iconically as Kate Moss. The way she wore it gave it some sexy edginess that elevated it from strip club furnishing to part of the supermodel uniform. Faux fur jackets, dark sunnies and leather trousers are really the way to go but let’s be honest, it’s still hot af outside and there are other updates we can take inspiration from. A figure hugging sheer maxi dress à la And Other Stories will make you feel like a true queen. But if you’re more into the boyfriend jeans and messy hair thing, try a leopard print blouse instead.


        Going for leopard print accessories are a low-commitment way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. Personally, I feel that these tend to be a bit louder and prominent than say, a tank top or blouse but if you insist… my favourite pieces here are the bandeau and high waisted bikini bottoms that you can cover up, mix and match, and even pair the top with high waisted palazzo pants or jeans. I also love the Saint Laurent white sneakers, the textured leopard accents is a major update to a classic shoe and subtle enough that you can’t really tell.


        Slouchy, loose, bits that you can wear around the house and then grab a beautiful bag and a pair of gold earrings, and there you have it: a smart casual look. These are really best for layering and wardrobe staples that you can show off on holiday and as the weather turns cooler, pair with a jacket.

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        10th August 2018
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