Creating that special piece with Links of London engraving

        My first introduction to Links of London was when I was 12 years old and it was Batmitzvah season. It was the brand to buy for that sentimental, special gift to congratulate my friends. From then on, it was my go-to for birthday and Christmas presents all through my teenage years. It’s no surprise then that I associate it with those memorable times and a heavy dose of nostalgia. Always one to do affordable and luxurious contemporary basics, the introduction of their new engraving service is very much welcome.

        This year, the trend of customisable everything, from apparel, to jewellery and even makeup packaging, has really come to the forefront. We’re always looking for ways to express ourselves and our style. Links of London has a range of collections where you can engrave dates or letters, with customisable fonts and sizes (if you’re feeling really fun, they even shapes like stars or hearts), to create an unique piece for yourself or for your loved one. I chose the Narrative Mini Disc Charm for it’s romantic look and subtlety. Read on to see how I styled my engraved necklace!

        Links of London engraved monogram necklace, The Haute Heel luxury lifestyle blog feature

        personalised monogram necklace, Links of London feature on The Haute Heel blog

        how I styled my personalised charm from Links of London, The Haute Heel luxury lifestyle blog


        I wore my personalised charm with a floral maxi, and kept a balance between the busy print and simple accessory. I wanted to choose occasionwear and a suitably impressive venue to showcase a piece like this, because of the way a personal piece of jewellery makes you feel. This season in particular marks a significant milestone for me, I’ve been blogging full time for nearly half a year now and have been hitting goals like travelling and shooting editorial work more than ever. And in the future, when I wear this charm necklace, it’ll remind me of this blissful period of appreciating everything. Kind of like having a summer romance with life (as cheesy as it sounds).

        Personalised gifts from Links of London


        Check out the full affordable luxury collection available for free engraving at Links of London


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        7th August 2018
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