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    There’s something magical about summer and Mexican food, doesn’t it make the weather seem sweeter and life feel a little more carefree? If watermelon margaritas and almond and oat milk cinnamon iced coffee appeals to you, hi and welcome to my review of Corazon in Soho. If you thought this area only had Benito’s Hat and Chipotle, you’re in for an eye opening experience. On the edge of a bustling Oxford Street is a quiet eatery serving up tacos, salads and cocktails to sun-drenched tables. And the best part? You can actually have a satisfying healthy meal here, because no thanks to feeling bloated when you’re a minute away from endless clothes stores. The restaurant recommends sharing plates of two to three per person, where they come with two servings. Since my friend and I were doing #meatlessmonday on a Wednesday (I know, we’re a crazy pair) we opted for their fish and seafood dishes.

    Starting with a refreshing frozen watermelon margarita (£10), we tucked into succulent, tangy oysters laden with red onion, herbs and clamato (the tomato canned juice drink) (£5), and mushroom quesadillas with huitlacoche, also known as ‘corn smut’ or the delicacy fungus that grows on the plant (£5.25). But don’t worry, they didn’t look or taste as exotic as they sound. As for the oysters, I would’ve gladly welcomed an order by the dozen.

    Dishes are served as they are ready, so next came the good stuff in the form of crunchy, battered and spicy tacos. We went for the Baja ones (£9.50) made with haddock and lightened up with some refreshing pickled cabbage. For someone that doesn’t enjoy anything associated with a deep frier, I loved it way more than I imagined. Then there was Calabacin, crispy courgette flowers (£10), which serves as a great veggie option if you’re not a fan of fish. If you had to miss out on any dish it would be the swordfish tacos, which was dry and barely redeemed by the serrano salsa and blackened pineapple. And if you’re to religiously follow recommendations as closely as you do Love Island, you might have noticed we are now onto the last sharing plate. On our way in, we saw a very impressive looking Laura’s salad (£14) on someone else’s table that brought major food envy. And this is not just any kind of salad – think prawns tossed in spice, the combination of a soft boiled egg and jicama (Mexican turnip) and corn for that moreish crunch and texture. Oh, and that healthy helping of avocado, which did not come at an extra price, thanks very much.

    Laura's salad, review of Corazon in Soho


    Mexican food lovers follow your stomachs and corazon over to Poland Street.



    29 Poland Street

     W1F 8QR

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