The Jet Lag Mask from Summer Fridays promises hydration and combats the consequences of stressed-out skin. The hero product and the first showing from the new skincare brand probably has more followers than you (and me) – making it one of those true luxury brands of the future I’ve talked about before. This doesn’t come as a surprise once you uncover that Marianna Hewitt, a beauty and fashion blogger just shy of 1 million followers at time of writing, is the co-founder of the multi-purpose product that’s saturating our feeds and moving quickly to the top of our to-buy lists. Now UK beauty fanatics can get their manicured paws on Summer Fridays – it has recently launched on Cult Beauty and retails for a sizeable £42. So like most things on Instagram, here’s the question: is it as good as it looks? Read on for my review of Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask!

    We have to take a moment to appreciate the packaging, if there’s one thing I’d expect an influencer to do well it’s aesthetics and this is simply beautiful. Extra points that it’s not pink because been there done that with Glossier and Lixir. The formula itself is virtually scentless, also a plus in my eyes and a nod to its focus on green and clean ingredients. As lovely as the idea of as-chemical-free-as-can-be is, I’m not a firm believer that this is necessarily the best option for everyone. And I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on skincare components, but a quick look into what goes into Summer Fridays’s mask and you’ll find ceramides (helps the skin regulate absorption of moisture), niacinamide (vitamin B3 effective in refining texture) and aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate (a form of Vitamin C, which we all know equates to brightening!). Okay, so sciencey part over, this is what it’s really like for your face to feel like it’s summer and Friday everyday:

    I had just been travelling from Zurich to Lisbon, back again and then to London all within 10 days. I got my hands on the Jet Lag Mask within a week of plane-hopping, in the hopes that it would help my complexion fight against the hostile conditions. The product feels amazing on application, it’s smooth and light, and absorbs quickly. My skin did look ‘brighter’ in the morning after a restful sleep with a coating of JLM but I always believe products like this should supplement regular exfoliating treatments like a peel. Other benefits include dewiness and soft supple skin even after cleansing (poor moisturisers don’t deliver enough so your skin can feel dehydrated and tight).

    Summer Fridays is marketed as a restorative overnight treatment and for the day, a hydrating primer. Indeed it is a lovely heavy duty moisturiser that layers as a luxurious mask, but is it any better than Creme de La Mer or my favourite, Avene’s Cicalfate cream? Not really. Sure they each have varying purposes but I’m mostly interested in making my skin glowy, hydrated and soothed, which they all do well and from experience, in equal measure. The choice between the three really boils down to price range and personal preference.

    However, I can fully get behind this as a lovely makeup base. Good skin is the best foundation but if you’re looking for extra flawlessness (who isn’t?), I felt my concealer and other bits held firmly to my face better with the JLM versus my usual day cream. And because I was so hopeful, I didn’t even use my actual primer, I just let Summer Fridays do its job. If you were looking for an excuse to splurge on something cute the week, let this be it.


    Shop Summer Fridays via Cult Beauty here

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    30th May 2018
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