from left to right: BRAUTERDENHOLM terrazzo table approx. £264 | Hubsch terrazzo round mirror £32 | Tom Dixon Terrazzo medium scented candle £65 | Barüch terrazzo planter pot £40


    Upgrade your living space with the trending material that makes plain marble look… well, basic.

    It’s called terrazzo, a material made popular in the 1920’s but with references dating back as early as Egyptian mosaics. Its alluring contrast of matte stone and shimmering speckles is made from a combination of quartz, marble and glass encased in polished cement. Terrazzo’s comeback has materialised beyond its traditional function as tiling – its aesthetic is popular as ornaments, vessels, textiles and even dining ware. A mix of luxe and industrial, seen in varieties of pastel blues and pinks, and seen across mainstream and indepedent retailers, it’s the latest interior must-have. And it also looks great in a flatlay.

    My personal favourite are terrazzo accents – because of the weighty nature of the material, having the genuine article in smaller, portable forms is preferable to inspired pieces. Then again, I’m the kind of person who despises faux plants and flowers. Anthropologie makes an adorable art deco turquoise statement piece for vino lovers. Alternatively, opt for a tray from Zakkia that can be used to serve coffee to guests or a place for your keys and other knick knacks. Then there’s Tom Dixon’s candle is a great two-in-one and provides a edgy touch to a modern home.


    8 affordable terrazzo interior decor pieces, shopping edit on The Haute Heel luxury lifestyle blog

    from left to right: Urban Outfitters terrazzo print cushion £20  | Petekdesign via Etsy modern marble terrazzo rug £69.55 |  Zakkia terrazzo dimple tray approx £66 |  Anthropologie large bottle stand £102.40


    And if you’re a true terrazzo fan, check out these pretty phone cases in pink, rainbow speckled and creamy lemon.

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