1. Tan oversized belted trench approx £206 |  2. Striped raffia straw bag approx £58 | 3. Denim midi belted button dress approx £73


    As you may know, it’s part of my job to stalk online shops for great pieces to shoot but also to keep an eye on which trends from Fashion Season collections have best been interpreted. I promise it’s not an excuse to go shopping on a weekday afternoon. The thing is that I often find myself visiting the same retailers that are also on the high street, you know, the Zaras and Topshops of this world. And my friends and other bloggers from around the world have often said that although London offers one of the best shopping experiences globally, there’s a distinct lack of independent boutiques and brands. But a digital presence has changed the way we search for and purchase fashion, we no longer have to rely on what we see in real life to determine which sites we visit online – with that in mind, I’ve found five unique online boutiques to stock your wardrobe. Here’s to getting more of those, “where did you get that?” moments.


    Pixie Market

    (image above)

    Think Zara meets Reformation with top customer service. The New York boutique turned e-tailer do the best in chic basics – think asymmetric skirts, high neck pussy bow blouses and puffy sleeve eyelet tops. The perfect place to go for that ‘jeans and a nice top’ look. Prices are surprisingly affordable, where most things are around the $100 or less. Quality is what you’d expect from a high street store, I bought a delicate polka dot sweetheart neckline top (similar here) and all the buttons popped off within two wears. The other one, a ruffle sleeve that is one of my favourite pieces, doesn’t look good unless ironed and possibly even starched. So yes, the garments I’ve bought are very high maintenance but I’ve also never seen anyone else wear similar!

    Paris Georgia


    Paris Georgia luxury wardrobe staples, five unique online boutiques to stock your wardrobe feature on The Haute Heel luxury lifestyle blog

    1. Marnie trousers approx £338 |  2. Samara slip approx £213


    High fashion distilled into wardrobe staples, Paris Georgia was one of my finds as I was trawling the web for new brands. Known for their 90’s slips, the brand also offers a mix of sheer turtlenecks, denim and ribbed dresses. Prices are more on the affordable luxury side than premium high street, ranging from $300-$900.



    fshnbnkr Aussie labels, five unique online boutiques to stock your wardrobe feature on The Haute Heel luxury lifestyle blog


    The best of Aussie fashion. With labels like Finders Keepers, Keepsake and C/meo Collective, you’ll never go without your feminine jumpsuit or structured cocktail dress.

    Compared to what you get on the British high street, you’ll see way more play with layers, draping, florals and those little details that make your heart pound. And particularly so when you see the prices, where the prettiest going-out dresses you’ll ever find are around the £100 mark.

    Keep a look out for their great sales, which is when it’s definitely worth paying those import fees.

    C/meo Collective Definitive Blazer blush approx £119 (similar here in dark pink)



    Rat and Boa

    Rat and Boa, five unique online boutiques to stock your wardrobe feature on The Haute Heel luxury lifestyle blog

    Biella mini dress £140


    With 400k followers on Instagram, if you haven’t already come across this brand, where have you been? Edgy and super sassy Rat and Boa makes the kind of clothes I’d dress Giselle in if I were her stylist. Think supermodel attends a Baz Luhrmann pool party in Cannes. Don’t we all want that life, if even just for a night? Oh yeah, and most things are around an easy £100-£150 and made from silk.


    Andi Bagus

    Andy Bagus, five unique online boutiques to stock your wardrobe feature on The Haute Heel luxury lifestyle blog


    1. Yogi wrap cardigan approx £44 | 2. Chain gang two piece bikini approx £58

    Andi Bagus makes the kind of clothes you need to have that surfer chick in Bali life you’ve always dreamed of. You know, minus the 1 million followers, abs, tan and ability to swim in open water. Peruse the online shop and meet more varieties of crochet cover ups and swimwear you’d ever imagine. Prices are affordable, starting at around $39 for some bikini bottoms.


    Looking for all those Instagram It items like bamboo bags and those gold coin necklaces? I’ve got them right here for you, all in one post.

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    11th May 2018
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