Roaccutane might have liberated me from chronic acne but top London aesthetician Renee Lapino is the lady responsible for my near pore-less skin, a nose devoid of blackheads and tighter jowls and jawline. After a career move that takes her full-time as an independent facialist, it was time to catch up with one of In Style magazine’s Best Beauty Buys 2018 judge. We talk about her international career as a skincare expert and what all her patients really want to know – her personal beauty routine. After all, her personal mantra is “if you change your skin, you will change your life”. Read on for the best beauty wisdom you’ll ever get for free.

    1. What made you get into aesthetics and how long have you been practicing?

    Throughout my late teens and early 20s I had very reactive, acne prone skin. I worked as a bridal model throughout this time and was constantly traveling for shows and shoots and covered in heavy makeup. Obviously these factors exacerbated the skin issues, so I had facials bi-weekly to keep my skin healthy. Whilst modelling, I was also attending university to work as a child therapist. However, I experienced a very personal loss and felt that I was emotionally compromised, and would not be able to give my due diligence to children in need. I mentioned this to my beautician nearly 12 years ago and she suggested that I train to work with skin as I was already so passionate about keeping my own complexion clear and healthy. I began training at the International Dermal Institute the following week, and have never looked back.

    top London aesthetician Renee Lapino


    2. What would you recommend for people interested in treatments but don’t know where to start? 

    If you are in London, come in and see me for a complimentary consultation! There are many factors that compile an individual’s aesthetic. Some need to revamp their home care before beginning treatment, others can start with facials, and there are those that may require more aggressive procedures to achieve the look they desire. If you’re outside of London, a little bit of internet research will lead them to the top clinic in their area, and then they can book in for a consultation.


    3. Are there any skincare myths that you’d like to debunk? 

    Drinking more water will help to hydrate your internal organs and keep you functioning optimally, but it will not hydrate the surface of your skin. Hydrating is an internal and external but the latter plays the largest role.


    4. What are your favourite cult beauty and classic beauty products? 

    Goldfaden MD Eye Bright (£48) is my favourite cult beauty product. It works. It knocks out dark circles in a matter of days with it’s formulation of Vitamin K and antioxidants. I am on this. My friends are on this. My colleagues are on this. My patients are on this. If you have dark circles and you meet me, you are on this. Have I said it yet? It works.

    My favourite classic product is MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect 10% vitamin C Serum (£245). This Vitamin C is gentle, yet very effective at treating existing pigment damage, and protecting the skin from future damage by neutralising free radical activity. It smells lovely, feels gorgeous on the skin, and sits nicely under other products and makeup. I have never been as impressed by a vitamin C serum as I am by this – I even have my own code for patients to try it with 10% off. (Head over to and use Renee10).


    5. How did you get selected to be an InStyle beauty awards judge and what’s been the most exciting part? 

    Word of mouth referral! Another judge told the selecting editor that I was the new go-to woman for skin in London, she reached out and the rest fell into place! I feel honoured to have been chosen. It has been exciting to learn about the newest brands out there who have approached me or sent me more information after learning about my vote. There are a lot of changes happening in skincare, and I am lucky to have a front row seat!


    6. What do you do to unwind and take care of yourself after a stressful day? 

    I post a lot on social media and work with a lot of international patients, so I am always on my phone and computer. When I get home, I put my mobile away for 30 minutes, light a beautiful candle, turn on a Spotify Chill playlist, and snuggle my tiny sausage dog, Macey. I make sure to pamper myself, such as my twice a week blowouts and my housekeeper – without them, my 12 hour work day would be overwhelming.


    7. What’s been the most difficult skin condition or type to treat and how did you do it? 

    Melasma is a huge issue for many women today – it’s a hormonal pigment, which most commonly appears on the upper lip, cheeks, and/or forehead and is commonly mistaken for sun damage. Sun will compound melasma, but does not cause it. Instead, hormonal fluctuations trigger bundles of melanocytes (cells that cause melanin) to rapidly produce dense uneven pigment that is difficult to eradicate. I have been extremely successful in treating melasma patients with a combination of home care, nano-fractional radio frequency and peels. I educate my patients that melasma is not curable but treatable, which they will have to consider for life.


    8. Beauty starts from within: how much has your diet affected your routine and what would you recommend? 

    This could not be more true! Thank you for bringing this up. Diet plays a critical role in both treating skin concerns and preventing new issues. I recommend lots of fruit and vegetables to help stave off oxidative damage. I also make sure all of my clients are on supplements, in addition to a good multivitamin. I am currently trying ZENii, and so far am very impressed. Your skin absolutely must be fed at a dermal level – beneath blood flow – to look it’s best on the surface. I find that a chlorophyll supplement is critical in assisting the body with red blood cell production, and when I, as well as my patients, incorporate chlorophyll into a daily routine, the skin literally glows.


    Any skincare concerns or interested in a treatment plan? DM @reneelapino on Instagram!


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    8th April 2018
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