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    Dermapen microneedling treatment at EF MEDISPA review


    You may have seen EF MEDISPA on your jaunts down the King’s Road or one of their other branches in coveted postcodes like St John’s Wood, Richmond and Kensington. Maybe you’ve heard of them through their numerous awards, I mean we’re talking about the two time winner of the Professional Beauty Awards and London Lifestyle Awards here guys. But despite all of this, they’re a lot more approachable and warm than most aesthetic clinics, without compromising their expertise. From talking to Athina, an aesthetic practioner at EF MEDISPA, she tells me that all of the therapists have around a decade or more of experience. So popping into the Chelsea boutique on a Saturday morning, I was totally at ease with the prospect of getting my face punctured with a dozen microneedles. Anything in the name of beauty and youth, you know?

    review of Dermapen microneedling treatment at EF Medispa

    20 minutes of numbing cream later, I met the Dermapen, an electronic microneedling tool with adjustable lengths for different parts of the face. Athina used 1.5mm on my cheeks and chin and 0.8mm around my eyes and forehead, areas which are more sensitive. The difference between Dermapen and a conventional dermaroller is not just the ease of changing the depth of the needles but also the movements and the use of a lubricant (moisturising cream was used in this instance). Instead of up, down then criss cross, it moves in circular motions, as if buffing the skin. It’s far less intimidating if you have a fear of needles, especially since you don’t see them at any point of the treatment or feel them piercing your epidermis. Perfect for some friends of mine who are terrified of anything sharp and clinical.

    And before you ask, no there was no bleeding and it’s not painful – the numbing cream did a great job keeping that at bay. The only point where I felt discomfort was when washing off the anaesthetic after the procedure, followed by a light sunburn sensation, on and off for around 24 hours. I was told to keep my face very clean – no contact with hair, dirty pillow cases or my phone. Oh, and most importantly, keep out of the sun and use SPF 30. I had heard horror stories from people when they hadn’t followed the instructions and had blistered burnt complexions for weeks. Like, I’m not about the Deadpool look. If you try this out, your therapist will let you know about all the short term restrictions which help to minimise downtime and cut out unnecessary side effects. I was advised not to work out until the following day and begrudgingly listened, but then made the mistake of taking a shower three hours later – while it didn’t damage my skin, let’s just say I was a lot pinker for longer than I needed to be. Lesson learnt for next time.

    After the treatment

    The longer the downtime, the higher the expectation. I should also add that the worse I look the more desperate I am to see great results. I was told to expect surface dryness for 2-3 days and for those 72 hours, I saw dark and uneven patches on areas that were really honed in on by Athina. It was nothing I couldn’t cover up with makeup (Oxygenetix foundation was made for post-treatments) but anything that reminds me of my days of acne stresses me out.

    The morning of day three and to my great relief, the dry skin flaked off. As I was cautious about using any kind of exfoliator on my new skin, I polished it away with a muslin cloth and a gentle cleanser. The first thing I noticed was that my skin was bright and radiant, and I didn’t need makeup. It was as if I had done a peel but with significantly less down time. I still had barely noticeable but parched spots on my cheekbones and nose and have been treating it with my favourite skin saviour, Avene’s Cicalfate cream.



    directly after the Dermapen treatment, review of Dermapen microneedling treatment at EF Medispa

    one days after Dermapen, flakey dark skin, review of Dermapen microneedling treatment at EF Medispa on The Haute Heel luxury lifestyle blog
    24 hours after the Dermapen treatment
    two days after Dermapen, flakey dark skin, review of Dermapen microneedling treatment at EF Medispa on The Haute Heel luxury lifestyle blog
    48 hours after the Dermapen treatment (moisturiser on face)

    1o days later

    Omg my skin is so soft. Like sometimes I just stroke it with the back of my hand because I’m so impressed. For a few days after Dermapen, I did wonder exactly what this could do that laser or acid peels couldn’t – they all target pore size, skin texture refinement and address discolouration. Oh, and of course my favourite, they all stimulate collagen production and a healthy turnover of new cells. But none of them give you baby soft skin that feels as smooth as it looks. Was it worth looking slightly scabby and sunburnt for two days? 10 days later, I think that’s a yes. EF MEDISPA’s Dermapen treatment is £450 for one session, which is great if you already have good skin but just need some maintenance. For three sessions, it’s £1000 and for five, £1500, which is recommended if you’re treating specific issues like acne scarring or pigmentation.


    Dermapen microneedling treatment at EF Medispa review
    Back to shooting just four days after Dermapen!

    Dermapen microneedling treatment at EF Medispa review

    How long will it last?

    The aesthetician at EF MEDISPA says that the best results come with a course of one to six treatments, which is effective in treating scars, pigmentation pores and plumps up the skin. After two weeks, patients are able to return for the next treatment as the skin is fully healed. While some clients can expect results in just two to three days, it was unavoidable that I noticed the glow and new complexion in about a week from the first treatment.



    193 Kings Road
    Chelsea, London
    SW3 5ED

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